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Mardanov Misir Jumail oglu
Place of birth West Azerbaijan, Ijevan district, Goyerchin village     
Date of birth 03.10.1946 
Education Azerbaijan State University (Baku State University)
Scientific degree Doctor of phys. math. sci.  
Title Professor 

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Differential and integral equations

Some problems of optimal control theory for the system of integro-differential equaitions

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Differential and Integral equations

Studying optimal processes with delays and constaints

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10 scientific papers on mathematics, 100 papers on education system, 4 monographs, 21 textbooks, the book “History of Azerbaijan education” in 4 volumes

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Basic scientific achievements

He has proved Pontryagin’s maximum principle for optimal control problems described by neutral type delay argument equations when neutrality is not contained linearly in the equations for the systems with finitely many delays in the control functions; proved stronger second order necessary conditions for optimality of singular control; for proving the Pontryagin maximum prmciple for optimal control problems described by retarded argument differential equations with finitely many integral and phase constraints he had offered a new more effective method and by means of this method he proved first and second order conditions for optimality; For the first time, the results obtained by means of the new suggested method was proved for optimal control problems described by distributed parameter Goursat-Darboux equations.

For the first time, has obtained a sequence of Kelly, Koppa-Mayer and equality type necessary conditions for optimality of optimal control in optimal functions in delay processes .
Names of scientific works
  1. Необходимые условия оптимальности в системах с запаздываниями и фазовыми ограничениями. Матем. Заметки, 1987, т.42, №5, с.691-702
  2. Принцип максимума в системах с запаздываниями нейтрального типа и фазовыми ограничениями. ДАН СССР, 1987, т.297, №3, с.538-542
  3. О необходимых условиях второго порядка в задачах оптимального управления с запаздываниями. Вестник МГУ, сер.15 вычисл. матам.икиберн. 1988, №1,с.3-8
  4. К теории принципа максимума в задачах с запаздываниями Дифф. уравнения, 1989, т. 25, №12, с.2048-2058
  5. The method of similar solutions in the time optimal control problems with delay and state constraints. Journal Turkic World Mathematical Society №2, 2011, p.166-175(M.H.Imanov)
  6. “On the theory of necessary optimality conditions in discrete systems ”. Advances in Difference Equations (2015) 2015:28, 15 pages DOI 10.1186/s13662-015-0363-4) (Malik Samin T. and MahmudovNazim I.)
  7. “On necessary optimality conditions in discrete control systems”. International Journal of Control, vol.88, Issue 10, 2015, pages 2097-2106 (Melikov T.K), (Mahmudov N.I)
  8. “Existence and uniqueness results for q-fractional difference equations withp-Laplacian operators”. Advances in Difference Equations (2015) 2015:185 DOI 10.1186/s13662-015-0532-5. (Mahmudov N.I, Sharifov Y.A).
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Since January 28, 2000, an academician of Russian Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences.

Since April 27, 2005 is a foreign member of Russian Academy of Education.

2011-2014 President of Turkic World Mathematical Society.

Since 2014 honoured President of Turkic World Mathematical Society.

The chairman of Scientific Council of IMM.

The chairman of Scientific Council of IMM Editor in chief of “Proceedings of IMM”.

Pedagogical activity

In 1973-1998 has given lectures in Mechanics-mathematics faculty of BSU on Analytic geometry, differential geometry, mathematical methods of optimal control. At the same time, in speciality courses has given lectures on optimal control, carried out seminars and supervised students. 

Other activities

Editor-in-chief of the scientific-methodical journal “Kurikulum”, of the journals “Jamiyyat və ali tahsil”, “Elektron tahsil”, “Tahsil”, “Tahsil kusrlari”.

Deputy editor of physico technicaland mathematical sciences series of “Transactions” journal of ANAS,

A member of the editorial board of “Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics”.
Awards and prizes “Honoured scientist”, “Shohrat” order, “Honoured scientist of Dagistan Republic”
Main place of work and its address

Institute Mathematics of  Mechanics, Azerbaijan Republic,  B.Vahabzade 9

Position General director  
Office phone (+994 12) 5393924 
Home phone  
Fax (+994 12) 5390102