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Garibov Adil Abdulkhalig oglu
Place of Birth Republic of Azerbaijan, Sheki city  
Date of Birth 28.03.1950 
Education Azerbaijan State University, Chemistry fakultet
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemical Sciences, chemist 
Title Professor 
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02.00.04, 02.00.09

Physical chemistry, radiation chemistry

Investigation of the effect of gamma rays on zeolite and containing zeolite catalysts

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02.00.04, 02.00.09

Physical chemistry, radiation chemistry

Regularities in the processes of of energy transfer radiation - catalytic decomposition of substances on the surface of oxides and metal oxide systems
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Radiation chemistry
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Certificates of authorship and number of patents 35
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Main scientific achievements For revealing application possibilities of nuclear energy in power-consuming oil-chemistry processes, it has been developed radiation-heterogenous processes enabling to increase activities of catalytic cracking catalysts of oil fractions and their selectivity on fuel obtain, confirmed in the processes of individual hydrocarbons and catalytic cracking of oil fraction in the example of real catalysts.

In oxide systems it has been revealed regularities of influence of content, band gap width, structural order, surface levels, biographic defects, irradiation intensity and temperature on defect formation processes under ionizing ray influence. It has been determined regularities of formation processes of nonequilibrium charge carriers and exitons in semiconductors and dielectrics under ionizing ray influence in both theoretical and experimental way. Formation threshold energies of these defects have been defined. In oxide systems it has been revealed the dependence regularities of the processes of conversion of ionizing ray energy by nonequilibrium charge carriers and exitons and transmission to surface levels on structural order, surface level state and dimensions of oxide particles. The obtained regularities have enabled effective nano-size catalyst selection for conversion processess of nuclear energy to chemical energy of hydrogen on the basis of oxide compounds and reveal of high effective processes.

It has been developed scientific bases of catalyst selection for the processes of hydrogen obtain from radiation catalytic decomposition of water, CO2 and methane in the direction of atom-hydrogen energy.

It has been obtained new oxide systems with nuclear material (U, Th, Pu) content, resistant to radiation and temperature, being able to perform as a catalyst-energy source for fuel and fragment radiolytic processes in high-temperature nuclear reactors and studied the influence of internal and external irradiation on their properties. It has been defined high radiation catalytic properties of (UO2)x - (BeO)y - (SiO2)2-type systems at fragment radiolysis of water, tested in real pilot devices.

It has been studied the role of radiation heterogeneous processes in protection and catastrophic oxidation of materials and obtain of hydrogen in contact with heat carrier and heat emission materials in water-cooled nuclear reactors. Radiation catastrophic oxidation of metals and alloys has been experimentally observed for the first time and the role of these processes in accidental conditions of water-cooled nuclear reactors has been revealed. The obtained results have been used in developing scheme of normal and accident modes of water-cooled nuclear reactors.

It has been developed radiation-heterogeneous processing method enhancing the resistance of metal and alloys to oxidizing corrosion processes in nuclear reactor and other technological environments. It has been obtained effective sorbents for isolation of uranium and radium isotopes by separating them from water environment and created experimental test device enabling their separation from the produced water separated from real oil-gas production processes.

Formation and migration processes of defects in nano-size systems have been studied. It has been revealed the regularities of nuclear transformation and defect formation processes under neutron flux influence in nano-Si and n-SiO2 systems. The obtained results will be used in the direction of durability of nano-size systems in exterme conditions and modification of electrophysical properties.

It has been studied the processes of distribution and migration of natural and artificial radioactive isotopes in soil, air and water systems of production areas of Azerbaijan Republic, assessed their influence on the environment and developed separation methods of isotopes.

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2. A.A.Qaribov, G.Z.Velibekova, T.N.Agaev, Effect of degree of order of silicon dioxide on localization processes of non-equilibrium Charge carries under the influence of gamma-radiation, J.Radiation Physics and Chemistry 54, (1999), c. 131-134

3. A.A.Qaribov, Г.З.Велибекова, Э.А.Самедов Effect of Adsorption in the Heterogeneous Radiolysis of Water in the Presence of Bryllosilicat, Журнал Химия Высоких Энергий, 2000, №1, ст. 150-158

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Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1.  Republican leader of the International Nuclear Information System at the IAEA (İNİS);

2.  Interstate Commission Commonwealth of national states on the peaceful use of nuclear energy ;

3.  Member of the International Scientific Council of the National Academy of Sciences of the Commonwealth States on radiation research ;

4.  Organizing committee member Euro-Asian International Conference "Nuclear science and its practical aspects ";

5.  Member of the expert group of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan Relations IAEA ;

6. Member of the State Commission on the prospective development of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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Awarding and prizes Honored Scientist  (2005) 
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Mobil (+994 50) 3378577 
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