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Mansimova Zumrud Ibrahim gizi
Place of birth Zagataladistrict, Azerbaijan Republic 
Date of birth 19.02.1980 
Education Baku State University, Faculty of Philology  
Scientific degree PhD, philology 

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Ashug creativity of Zagatala

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Basic scientific achievements

Researching of ashugcreativity of Zagatala

Names of scientific works
  1. Ashug creativity of Zagatala,2016, 216 P. (monography)
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  6. Zagatalian ashugs and smugglers movement (based on the life and creativity of Ashug Bekir and Ashug Husein), Dede Gorkud, Scientific and artistic compilation, IV. Baku, Publishing house "Nurlan" 2007, pp. 69-78
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  16. Garabakh theme in the folklore of Zagatala. Materials of Republican scientific conference "Garabakh folklore: problems and perspective" Baku: Publishing house "Science and Education", 2012, pp. 190-200.
  17. A look at the creative of Muganli Ashug Sabir (as a representative of ashug creativity of Zagatala). Questions of  folklore studies (“Scientific- theoretical and literary journal) № 1 Baku: Publishing house "Science and Education", 2012, pp. 120-128
  18. Saga ofAshug Madat and Bakhrinaz. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Ways of development of the historical period of ashug creativity of Ashug Shamshir". Baku, Publishing house "Nurlan", 2013, pp. 363-373
  19. Multicultural values and Azerbaijanism in Azerbaijan ritual folklore (based on folklore materials ofZagatala). Materials of the international conference "Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan: perspectives of religious and language policy", Baku, 2016, pp. 213-221
  20. Place and role of the folk games in the folklore of Azerbaijan (based on the model of Zagatala folklore). Materials of the international scientific conference "National games and area performances in Azerbaijan and for the Islamic geography," Baku: Publishing house "Science and Education", 2016, pp. 305-315
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Pedagogical activity  
Other activities Member of counsil of yong scientist and researchers of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS 
Awards and prizes  
Main place of work and its address Department of Social sciences of ANAS 
Position Scientific secretary 
Office phone (+994 12) 4925385 
Mobile (+994 55) 5765235 
Home phone  
E-mail zumrudibrahimqı