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Alizadeh Alashraf Abdulhuseyn oglu (1911-1985)
An outstanding scientist and geologist Alashraf Abdulhuseyn oglu Alizadeh was born on April 24, 1911 in Shamakhi.

In 1924 Alashraf Alizadeh finished Baku school with first degree, went to school number 18 with pedagogical bias. Previously, he taught at the Azerbaijani language in Russian school, then worked as an extra in the Central Office of Statistics of the Azerbaijan SSR. After finishing secondary school, he was appointed director of the school in Zergerli village of Khizi region of Azerbaijan SSR. He worked here for the period 1928/1929 academic year.

In the 1929/1930 academic year, he taught in "Abolishment of literacy" in the village of Surakhani. In 1930 he entered the Tbilisi Polytechnic Institute, but due to family circumstances forced to return to Baku, where he joined the faculty of geological exploration of the Azerbaijan Industry Institute.

A.A.Alizadeh since 1933 began to conduct independent geological research in the trust “Azneftkəşfiyyat”.

Alizadeh is the author of the first textbook on the field of geology in Azerbaijani language. He prepared the book "Quick Guide for Field Geology" in 1937, and in 1938 - "Quick Guide to the Field Geology" In 1961 along with M.S.Babayev published a textbook "General Geology" in the Azerbaijani language.

Young scientist working in the years 1934-1942 in Geological Exploration Trust office “Azneftkəşfiyyat” geologist, senior geologist, chief geologist and director, and since January 1939 - Head of the Office of Intelligence Kura lowlands and the Ganja region “Azgeoltrest”, conducted exploration work in many regions of Azerbaijan - Davachi, Gonagkend, Shamakhi, Ganja, Shamkir, and then in the Talysh mountains and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

In 1940 Alizadeh was awarded the badge “Excellence” of the People’s Commissariat for the successful work in the discovery of new oil fields, and in 1942 for his services to increase oil production, the government for the implementation of tasks in the production of petroleum products and the defensive nature of ammunition - the Order of Lenin.

Alashraf Alizadeh from October 1942 to April 1946 worked in the party - first secretary of the Baku City Committee of Communist Party of Azerbaijan, and then second secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. The results of the work carried out by outstanding scientist in those years, were highly appreciated by the party and the government. In 1943, for the discovery and exploitation of new oil fields, he and his team were awarded the Stalin Prize (later the State Prize of the USSR) and the second time he was awarded the Order of Lenin.

In 1944, Alizadeh completed his weighty scientific research on the formation of the Maikop suite Azerbaijan. According to experts, the scientific work performed meets all the requirements of the doctoral thesis, and Alizadeh publicly defended his work as a doctoral thesis. By decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of Geology behalf I.M.Gubkin of the Azerbaijan Branch of Academy of Sciences of the USSR he was awarded the academic degree of the doctor directly geological-mineralogical sciences, which in the same year, was confirmed by the Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of the USSR. Alizadeh in 1945 was awarded the title of professor of the department of geology of oil and gas fields.

March 27, 1945 according to the decision of the Council of People's Commissars of Azerbaijan SSR, Alizadeh name was also included among the first 15 full members of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR. In 1946, after World War II to improve the oil industry of the Republic Alizadeh was appointed head of the association "Azneft", and held that post until 1948. For the development of small-sized Electric perforator Alizadeh in 1946 for the second time was awarded the Stalin Prize.

Alizadeh was repeatedly elected a deputy of the city council of the District of Baku and the Baku Council, and in 1946 - deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, since 1961, for a long time was a member of the Baku Council. In 1946-1948, was a candidate for the Plenum of the Baku Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party member, and since 1963, a long time - a member of the Plenum. Alizadeh was the representative XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII Congress of the CP of Azerbaijan.

In 1948, in order to expand exploration in Azerbaijan was established association "Azneft-intelligence", and Alizadeh appointed the chief association.

In 1950, Alizadeh received an invitation to the Turkmen State University (TSU), where he was appointed head of the Department of Geology. In 1950-1954, along with TSU activities conducted research, being at the post of head of the sector of mineral resources in the Turkmen Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

In 1954, Alizadeh returned to Baku and worked as a professor in the department of geology and exploration of oil and gas deposits of the Azerbaijan Industry Institute.

In August 1959 Alizadeh was appointed director of Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute of Oil Production. They were carried out serious, fundamental changes in exploration, drilling and development of oil and gas fields, oil and gas production from the technical and technological point of view. The Institute was renamed the Research and Design Institute of Oil Industry of Azerbaijan (AzNSETLİ). Academician A. Alizadeh led AzNSETLİ 17 years.

Alizadeh in 1962 was elected a member of the All-Union Paleontological Society (APO).

Scientist’s works which published in Russian - "Maikop Formation of Azerbaijan and its oil potential," "Paleogene deposits of Azerbaijan", "Paleogeography pool Balakhani tier", "Mesozoic Azerbaijani deposits and prospects of their oil and gas", "Absheron Azerbaijan" and others, provide a wide paleogeographical analysis.

All the activities of Academician A. Alizadeh have been associated with the development of oil industry of Azerbaijan.

Alizadeh has performed with scientific reports in international, all-union congresses, conferences, symposia, sessions and meetings, was a member of commissions and editorial boards of several scientific councils. For many years he worked as a member of the All-Union Society "Knowledge", All-Union Society of Paleontology.

Merits of Alizadeh were highly appreciated by the Soviet government. He has twice been awarded the Stalin Prize and the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, medals "The valiant work", "For defense of the Caucasus", "Excellent socialist competition" and honorary diplomas.

Academician Alizadeh is the author of over 600 scientific papers on various issues of regional geology, tectonics and petroleum geology, as well as a number of maps and atlases for oil-gas and tectonics of the former Soviet Union and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Scientist, teacher and public figure Academician Alashraf Alizadeh, who devoted his entire life to the study and promotion of science, national and spiritual values, passed away on March 22, 1985 in Baku and was buried in the Alley of Honor.