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Yesman Iosif Gavrilovich (1868-1955)
The outstanding Soviet scientist in the field of hydraulics Yesman Iosuf Gavrilovich was born on December 1, 1868 in Minsk.

Even in his student years, Gavrilovich differ with his sharp mind and a great talent for analyzing and summarizing events. In 1887 he entered the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology, and in 1892 became an experienced engineer with a complete theoretical training.

Until 1902 I.Yesman worked as the responsible engineer in the railway transport and water supply. During this time he has developed about 100 new projects for water supply of railways, 60 of which were built under his personal leadership. Since 1902, he began his research and teaching activities in the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, and soon was sent abroad to study hydraulics and hydraulic machines.

In 1905-1912 I.Yesman organized hydraulic laboratory at the Polytechnic Institute, where he studied the local resistance in the ducts and pipes. In 1910 scientist, together with Professor Grum Grzhimailo created mathematically grounded hydraulic theory of gases in metallurgical furnaces.

This work has been translated into many foreign languages ​​and has retained its value.Since 1913 I.Yesman was an emeritus professor of the St. Petersburg institutions: Polytechnic, Electrical Engineering, and the Institute of Civil Engineers, as well as consultant to a number of ministries and departments, namely: Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Railways, the Main Artillery Directorate, etc. In this period, in addition to numerous scientific articles in various journals, he created the "Courses of water hydraulics motors and centrifugal pumps", reprinted several times and is the primary teaching materials in all institutions of the USSR.

Since 1911, I.Yesman was chairman of the drafting committee and the scientific and technical society of technologists and editor of Hydraulics and Technical Encyclopedia, published by the partnership "Enlightenment".

In 1915, ceasing teaching activities in connection with World War I.Yesman entered the Petrograd Regional - by army supply - Committee Country and Town unions and the Department in charge of the inspection of plants.

In subsequent years, Iosuf Gavrilovich chaired the hydraulic researches at authorized "The Chief Artillery Administration" on the construction of state-owned smelters, as well as the Commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the study of natural productive forces of Russia and the use of water power and wind power.

In 1919-1920 scientist was rector of the Polytechnic Institute of Vladikavkaz.

In 1922, I.Yesman came to Baku, where he was invited to the post of professor at the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute; in 1928 he was appointed rector of the institution. In 1923-1926, became chairman of the Baku Branch, the former Russian and then the Azerbaijan Technical Society. In 1926-1929, he was a member of the State Council and member of the Board of People's Commissariat of Azerbaijan SSR.

From 1924 to 1953 I.G. Esman was a consultant "Azneft", where he took an active part in the development of a number of complex issues related to the oil industry of the country.

From 1929 to 1932 he was the chairman of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan Energy Committee, where, under his leadership, developed the use of sources of energy projects in Azerbaijan.

Since 1929 I.Yesman was one of the initiators and consultant, and since 1935 - the deputy director for research of the Transcaucasian Hydraulic and Energy Institute. There he worked on many issues related to the hydraulic theory of floods in Mountain Rivers, which received great fame in the scientific and technical literature. From 1929 to 1944, scientist was chairman of the Scientific and Technical Society of Azerbaijan SSR builders.

I.Yesman moved into the ranks of the leading specialists on the all-Union of pump and turbine, was repeatedly invited as a consultant to the pumping plants Baku, Tbilisi, Grozny, Moscow. He was a great expert on the survey and construction of water supply systems. I.Yesman was actively involved in the design and inspection of the pipeline Baku-Batumi, supervised projects Vladikavkaz Ganja and aqueducts.

Scientific works of Iosuf Gavrilovich reserved a place of honor among the works of scientists in the field of energy and in other areas of a number of technical disciplines.

During his scientific activity I.G.Yesman was published more than 130 works.

It should be noted the exceptional merits by Yesman in the preparation of textbooks for hydraulics experts of various specialties. He has written 11 books in the field of hydraulics.

Professor I.Yesman was a member of two convocations of the Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan for many years and was a member of the Baku Council. During his more than 60 years of scientific and technical and educational activities I.Yesman created numerous school students, many of whom are now professors, heads of departments in different universities of the CIS countries and Russia, prominent scientists of research institutions, the best engineers, and the lead many academic institutions.

In 1927, Professor I.Yesman was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Science of the USSR, in 1932 - the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor, the Red Star and medals "For the Defense of the Caucasus" and "For valorous work" in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

In 1945, I.G.Yesman was elected an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR.

On the day of 75th anniversary of the birth and 50th anniversary of scientific-technical and educational activities I.G.Yesman’s name was given to the Energy Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR.

Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, and Honored Worker of Science of the Azerbaijan SSR Iosuf Gavrilovich Yesman passed away on July 1, 1955 in Baku.