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Azizbeyov Shamil Abdulrahim oglu (1906-1976)
Celebrate geologist Shamil Abdulrahim oglu Azizbeyov was born in Ashgabat on February 16, 1906. Starting for labor activity ate age of 14, first times worked as a journalist in Ashgabat Regional Food Committee, a clerk at Turkmenistan District People's Court, and a journalist at the Office of the Central Asian Railway Traffic.

In 1924, Shamil Azizbeyov was hired as a a teacher at the Caspian Shipping Education Department, then worked as an instructor in the Department of Political Education Oil Fleet. In the same year he finished secondary school and entered the Mining Faculty of Polytechnic Institute. In 1930, he received a degree in mining engineering geologist and was sent to Gumbarit (Kutaisi city) by assignment to work in the Caucasus Mining Chemicals Trust. Shortly after starting work as a geologist, Sh. Azizbeyov has been appointed head of numerous parties of geological prospecting and exploration at the Caucasian Geology Trust, as well as Rare and Precious Metals Exploration Trust.

Seriously interested in scientific issues of geology Sh.Azizbeyov entered graduate school of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute in 1932, defended PhD thesis on "The mountain rocks and minerals locating along the middle and lower streams of the rivers Ganjachay and Goshgarchay”, supervised by academicians F.Y.Levinson-Lessing, D.S.Belyankin and Professor I.A.Preobrazhenski in 1934.

At the end of 1936, he was accepted to work at newly established branch of USSR Academy of Sciences (EAAzF), continued to study the magmatic rocks of Azerbaijan, including ore and non-metallic minerals associated with it. In advance, he worked senior fellow and scientific secretary at the EAAzF Geology Sector, then, from 1938 to 1941, a deputy director of the Institute of Geology named after Academician Gubkin and chief department of Petrography.

In these years, he has explored non-metallic deposits – pyrophyllite Zaylik tuffs, Alabashli hematite deposit, barite deposits – Chovdar, Bashgishlag and Shamkhor (Shamkir), sulfur pyrites deposit in Chiragdere-Toghanali, kaolin deposit Chardagli. The obtained results and extensive research about geology, magnetism and sheepfold of Kichik Gafgaz (Lesser Caucasus), which is one of the most important ore-mining bases in the region, were summarized in Sh.Azizbeyov’s monograph "Petrology of the mining zone of the north-eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus”. In 1943, Sh.Azizbeyov defended doctoral thesis relied on this monograph.

Almost half a century development of Azerbaijan Industry Institute (present Azerbaijan State University of Industry), department of geological exploration is connected with the name of Sh. Azizbeyov. He initially engaged in this department (1932-1934) as an assistant, then associate professor (1934-1943), professor in the years 1944-1945, head of the department of petrography in 1945-1959, and a professor of the chair since 1960 to 1976 and dealt with effective teaching.

In 1940 he was awarded the Honorary Title of Azerbaijan USSR Supreme Soviet on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Azerbaijan Industry Institute. During 1941-1944 become Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan branch.

In 1944, scientist was deserved to order “Red Star” for state commission on investigation of ferrous metal ores by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, rewarded with a medal "For the defense of the Caucasus". In 1945 he was elected an active member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

In 1945-1959, was chaired to the department of petrography at the Azerbaijan Industry Institute. Since 1942 has been a member of Azerbaijan Communist Party, in 1946, Vice-President of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR, chairman of the Department of Geological-Chemical Sciences and Oil (1945-1947), a member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR and Academician-Secretary of the Department of Earth Sciences (1959-1976), meanwhile a head of the Petrology Laboratory attached to the Institute of Geology (1947-1976).

Sh.Azizbeyov is a prominent scientist who had great merits in development of geology science in Azerbaijan. His scientific papers mostly have been dedicated to the geology and petrography of the Lesser Caucasus. “Geology of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic" monumental work is of special importance. Academician has solved a number of topical issues on geology, magnetism and metallogeny of the Caucasus. He is one of the authors of voluminous "Geology of Azerbaijan” monograph. In addition, was granted to order and medals of Red Banner (1953), Red Star (1944).

Academician Sh.Azizbeyov is one of the greatest scientists in the field of earth sciences.

Shamil Abdulrahim oglu Azizbayov died in Baku on 14 May 1976.