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Janibayov Nazil Fazil oglu
Nazil Fazil oglu Janibeyov was born on September 21, 1942 in Baku. He graduated from the chemistry faculty of the Azerbaijan State University (1965).

N. Janibeyov received a PhD in Chemistry (1972), Doctor of Science (1987), Scientific Degree, Professor (1994), Corresponding Member of ANAS (2007).

N.Janibeyov started his career in 1965 as engineer at the Institute of Petrochemical Processes (IPP) named after Y.Mammadaliyev of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences. Later, he worked in small and senior scientific positions.

N.Janibeyov has been working as the head of the Laboratory of IPP since 1986, and since 2012 he has been the Head of Petrochemical Synthesis Department.

N. Janibeyov was a well-known scientist in the field of oil chemistry. The main scientific direction was the study of the methods of synthesis of polyphunctional complexones and metalkomplex compounds that contain heteroatoms and their application areas. Among its metaxomplex compounds, a stabilizer was created and used against the aging of polyethylene called "Stanaz", and the polyethylene coating, which was resistant to anti-static, light-resistant and UB rays, was created and applied in the national economy.

Under the leadership of N.Janibeyov, nickel and cobalt metalkomplexes, which are unique as stabilizers and catalysts, have been developed in the process of polibutadiene production and have been applied industrially to the Yefremov plant in Russia. This process, along with high economic efficiency, also helped to solve environmental problems. The cobalt-containing dithiophosphate complex has been successfully tested as a component of the catalytic system in the process of obtaining high molecular weight polybutadiene in Turkish Petkim.

N.Kanibeyov conducted researches on creation of new heterogeneous catalytic systems for polymerization of dien hydrocarbons. The results obtained show that this type of catalytic system is effective several times for both the activity and the selectivity and the known homogeneous systems.

N.Kanibeyov is the author of 204 scientific works, including 25 author's certificates and 10 patents. Most of his works were published abroad.

N.Janibeyov has prepared 1 doctor of sciences and 6 PhDs in chemistry.

N.Janibeyov was a member of the Dissertation Council under IPP of ANAS, editorial staff of "Oil Chemistry and Oil Processing Processes", "Chemical Problems" and "Science World" magazines. He was awarded a gold medal by the name of Y.Mammadaliyev, the "European Literature House".

Corresponding member of ANAS Nazil Fazil oglu Janibeyov died on May 6, 2017.