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Babaxanov Rauf Alimammad oglu
Babakhanov Rauf Alimammad oglu was born on December 24, 1929 in Baku. He graduated from the chemistry department of Azerbaijan State University. In 1958, in 1996 he received of Ph.D. degree, in 1996 Doctor of Sciences and in 1967 - Professor. In 1980 he was elected as corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR.

He worked in such positions, as junior researcher at the Institute of Oil of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (1957-1959), senior researcher, at the Institute of Petrochemical Processes (1959-1965), head of the laboratory of the Institute of Additive Chemistry (1965-1969), head of the department of general bioorganic chemistry Azerbaijan State Medical University (1969-1992), as well as the dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy (1969-1973).

The main scientific studies of R.Babakhanov are devoted to the reaction of alkylation of aromatic and cycloparaffinic hydrocarbons and their various derivatives of acid catalysts with the participation of various unsaturated halides, factors affecting the reaction and the study of its mechanism, as well as the products of processing of the synthesized substances. Scientist first conducted all studies, and most of the studies were original.

Several alcohols, esters, and in particular, an analogue of rose oil, were synthesized based on alkenyl aromatic hydrocarbons and vinyl cyclohexane. Under the leadership of R. Babakhanov, the direction of reactions between the alkylated reaction and various phenols and thiophenols involving the bicyclic unsaturated system of sulfuric acid — like cyanorbornene — was investigated. It was found that O- and C- are alkylated during the reaction, basically, Wagner-Meyerwein grouping occurs again.

As a result of the mutual reaction of oxiranes with various nucleophilic reagents with several biological properties and during their pharmacological experiments, psychotropic, sedative, antimicrobial, and a number of other drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular and neoplastic diseases were revealed. Also under his leadership were identified plasticizer, stabilizer and inhibitor, eliminating corrosion, with the properties of compounds between the synthesized compounds.

R. Babakhanov is an author - about 200 scientific papers, including 32 copyright certificates and 1 monograph. Under his leadership were prepared 2 Doctors of Sciences and 18 PhDs.

Corresponding Member of ANAS Rauf Babakhanov died in 1992 in Baku.