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Babazadeh Baba Gurbangulu oglu
B.Babazade was born in 1911 in Ramana village of Baku. In 1923-1929 studied at Industrial Engineering, then in the Geological-Exploration Faculty of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (now Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University) and in 1934 he graduated from the engineer-geologist specialty.

In 1949, B. Babazadeh received a PhD in Geology and Mineralogy, in 1962 he received a doctors degree in Geology and Mineralogy, and in 1959 was elected as a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

B.Babazade started his career in "Azizbeyovneft" Oil and Gas Department and researched “Gala” oil field, and in 1936 his "Gala Lay group" was opened from deep layers of the well drilled under his leadership. When he worked as a chief geologist of Azizbeyovneft in 1942, he found the Buzovna-Mashtagha field. The found of this promising oilfield was due to the increasing oil production. In 1945-1952, he served as the chief geologist of the Azneft Union, chief geologist, chief of the Union, chief geologist of the Ministry of Oil Industry in 1954, and since 1960 - chief geologist of the Azneft Union. In 1952, his monograph "Exploring Perspective Structures in Buzovna-Mashtagha Oil Field and Absheron" was published in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). The exploring Buzovna-Mashtaga, Zira and North-East wing of Oil Rocks, Mud pilp, Garadagh, Kurovdagh, Mishovdag, Gum Island and other rich oil and gas fields are also connected with the name of B.Babazade. Under his leadership, studies were conducted to research the structural patterns of oil and gas layers, their genesis and the classification of deposits. In addition to his scientific work he has been engaged in pedagogical activity at Azerbaijan Industrial Institute.

More than 80 scientific works on geophysical exploration and efficient development of fields are of great importance for geologist-oil workers of Azerbaijan and all USSR. He is a well-known geologist, a great scientist, a production organizer, a teacher, who has a great scientific heritage in the form of monographs, books, separate articles and deep history in the history of Azerbaijan's oil industry.

More than 20 philosophical doctors have been trained under his leadership.

The services of B.Babazade in the development of oil and gas science were highly appreciated by the government and he deserved the Hero of Socialist Labor Herald of the First Stalin Award, the Lenin Award, and the “Red Banner of Labor” 3 times as well as “ For the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945and etc.

The name of B.Babazade is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Correspondent member of ANAS Baba Babazade died in Baku in 1962.