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Gambarov Yunis Heydar oglu

Yunis Heydar oglu Gambarov was born on March 5, 1926 in Kurdler village of Fuzuli region. He graduated from the Azerbaijan State University (1949).

Y. Gambarov was the head of the Central Laboratory of the Baku State Laboratory of Chemistry (1959-1962), and in 1962 he was appointed as the head of the Pyrolysis Laboratory after the creation of the All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Olefins (VNIOlefin) on the basis of that plant. In 1973, he headed the Hydrocarbon Monomers Department at the Olefins Institute, and in 1976 was appointed Deputy Director of Science, and in 1990 he was appointed as Director of the Institute.

Y. Gambarov received a PhD in chemistry in 1960, a scientific degree of Doctor of Science in 1968 and a professor of science in 1971. In 1980 he was elected Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR.

Y. Gambarov is a prominent scientist in the field of petrochemical and petrochemical synthesis. His main research studies relate to the study of natural hydrocarbon raw materials and their processed products with thermal and hydrogen-high temperatures at high temperatures and, in this way, the creation of new highly effective technological processes for the production of small molecular olefin and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Under the leadership of Y. Gambarov, the process of obtaining benzene from thermal and catalytic hydrodecyllicity from toluene and other alkyl carbohydrates has been developed.

As a result of extensive research under the guidance of Y. Gambarov, various effective processing options for pyrolysis fluid products for naphthalene, diphenylin and other valuable aromatic hydrocarbons were developed and recommended to the industry.

Y. Gambarov was a member of a number of scientific-coordination councils and specialized councils, a member of the Soviet Encyclopedia of the Soviet Union and a member of the Editorial Board of the Azerbaijan Oil Industry journal. He represented the republican science at the International symposium on petrochemical synthesis, congresses and conferences and made profound reports.

Y. Gambarov is the author of 220 articles, including 40 inventions and 6 monographs. Under his leadership, 25 PhDs, 2 doctors of science were prepared. He was awarded the "Red Labor Flag", "order of Friendship of People" orders.

Correspondent member of ANAS Yunis Gambarov died in 1991 in Baku.