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Seyid-Rza Mir Karim oglu
Seyid-Rza Mir Kerim oglu was born in 1925 in Baku. In 1946 he graduatedfrom the Azerbaijan Institute of Industry (now Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry) with a degree in oil and gas well drilling and was assigned to the Eastern Department of Turbine Drilling of Azneft.

M.Seyid-Rza received phD degree in technical sciences in 1958, doctor of technical sciences in 1962, professor. In 1980 he was elected corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences (AEA).

M. Seyid-Rza served as an engineer in the “Neft Dashlari” 1951-1954. In 1957-1995 he was promoted to Chief Engineer in various departments and research institutes of the Azneft Union.

M.Seyid-Rza's scientific activity is mainly related to the study of the causes of various complications in wells drilled in geologically complex conditions, conducting research on their prevention and elimination, and providing the necessary recommendations.

He is the author of 220 scientific works, including 20 monographs.

Under his leadership 43 doctors of philosophy and a doctor of sciences were trained.

M. Seyid-Rza was the laureate of “Honorary Inventor” of Azerbaijan in 1964, and the 1989 “Honorary Oilman” of the USSR, and the winner of the award named after I.M.Gubkin.

Corresponding member of ANAS Seyid-Rza Mir Karim oglu died in 1995 in Baku.