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Zargarov Abdulgafur Aminulla oglu
Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Abdulgafur Aminulla oglu Zargarov was born in 1929 in Baku. After graduating from Middle East faculty at the Oriental Studies Institute in Moscow, A.Zargarov passed postgraduate at the Institute of Economiy at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR after working for a while as a consultant in the group of academic institutions and universities in the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR. After defending dissertation for the PhD in economics in Moscow, he returned to Baku and worked for many years as a senior scientific researcher at the Institute of Economy at the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

The statistical journals prepared by A. Zargarov in the 70s remain a necessary tool for studying the dynamics of the development of separate sectors of the Azerbaijani economy in the twentieth century. He is the founder of the Scientific Information Center in the field of social sciences in Azerbaijan. As a result of A.Zergarov's initiative, in the spring of 1992, the Institute of Public Policy Research and Information of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan was established.

A.Zargarov's monograph "Islamic Economy" is considered to be one of the most valuable contributions to his economic science. Islamic attitude towards wealth and property, Islam concept on labor and wage, Islamic economic doctrine, economic integration of Muslim countries, etc. series recordings are also very valuable works today.

A. Zargarov considered it important to know Islam's economic doctrine. He has shown that in recent years, Islamic economic doctrine has been of interest to the world community as the basis of the new model called the Islamic Economy. The Islamic conception of Islam is a set of rules that are justified and understood within the Islamic system.

A.Zargarov has been the academic secretary of the Social Sciences Department of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences in the last years of his life.

Correspondent member of ANAS Abdulqafur Zergarov died in 1999 in Baku.