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Abbasov Zohhak Yagub oglu
Abbasov Zohhak was born on April 10, 1939 in Sarov village, Goranboy region. In 1961, he graduated from the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry with a degree engineering.

In 1973 he defended PhD on engineering and in 1989 -Doctor of Science, in 2001 he was elected a corresponding member of the ANAS of Azerbaijan.

In 1961-1965 Z.Abbasov was the operator of the Caspian Geological Survey Expedition in Kazakhstan, a senior geologist for deep drilling, in 1965 was chief geologist of the drilling Department, in 1965-1975 he was an engineer, chief engineer and Director of the laboratory of the Research and Production Department at the Garadaghneft Oil and Gas Production Department.

Main scientific achievements of scientist: Analytical and experimental study of the phase state of fluids under high thermobaric conditions and develop on their basis of new methodological approaches for calculation of indexes of gas and condensate reservoirs and wells, processing bottom hole of gas wells to increase their productivity, studying the mechanism of retrograde processes taking into account reservoirs and physicochemical properties of porous medium and the saturated fluids and etc.

For the first time it is solved an energy equation for the gas and gas-condensate mix¬ture’s vertical flow allowing for a gas expansion, thermodynamic equivalent of the frictional forces, phase transitions, and quite a new scheme of an energy balance design for instantaneous gas mass at the finite length section that make it possible to create the new computation methods to determine the gas and gas-condensate wells technological parameters according to the well head information, taking in mind the wells specific condition, an elevator construction and the heat exchange with an environment.

Thermodynamical experimental investi¬gations of multi-component gas-condensate systems carried out in the high pressure conditions exceeding the cricondenbars value, made it possible to reveal for the first time, the new phenomenon in their phase behavior and also to broaden notion frames of retrograde processes and their physical essence to a great extent.

It is investigated experimentally and established for the first time an effect of porous medium upon the process of retrograde condensate evaporation that should be taken in mind during the “dry” hydrocarbon gas action to the gas-condensate “pool” and well bore zone (it is made jointly with two other departments-“Testing of wells and reservoirs” and “Develop¬ment of gas-condensate fields”).

It has been studied the mechanism of retrograde processes taking into consideration reservoir and physical-chemical properties of the porous medium and its saturating fluids.

For the first time it has been studied and determined a significant influence of formation area of condensate micronucleus in porous medium on the indices of the phase condensation and on technological parameters of the development process of gas condensate deposits.

For the first time it has been investigated the phase transformations mechanism in the differential condensation process of the gas-condensate mixture in the conditions of joint influence of porosity, residual water saturation, condensate density and formation temperature. As a result of which there were formed new views on dew point pressure of gas-condensate system is that its value is determined in accordance with the upper pressure boundary of condensate micronucleus formation. It has been suggested a new method for its deter-mination

Impact mechanism of remained layer water to the hydrocarbon flow rate of the deposit is researched taking phase state of fluids, reservoir properties of rocks and thermobaric condition into account.

Physical importance of retrograde condensation had been researched initially and the following detected that fluid component in dispersive state with influence of surface forces in bigger than fogging pressure of the layer system creates independent fluid phase separating from the mixture as a result of aerosol state destruction and significance of this phenomenon in exploitation process was demonstrated.

The famous geologist was the author of 6 monographs, 5 inventions, 2 Azerbaijani and 1 Russian patents. Under his leadership were trained 8 PhDs of science.

Since 1997, he was a member of the American Society of Petroleum Engineers. He is one of the organizers of the creation of the Azerbaijani sector in Baku of this prestigious society. From 2016 he is elected a full member of the New York Academy of Sciences. He was awarded the title “Veteran of Labor”, “Inventor of the USSR”, as well as the medal “Taragi”.

Abbasov Zohhak Yagub oglu, well-known scientist, head of the Department of the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, corresponding member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences died on March 1, 2019 at 80th.