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Fatullayev Shamil Seyfulla oglu
Active member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Shamil Seyfulla oglu Fatullayev was born on December 24, 1928 in Baku. In 1953 he graduated from the Architecture and Construction Faculty of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute. In 1956 he became a graduate student of the Institute of Architecture and Arts of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, in 1963 he defended PhD dissertation, in 1980- Doctoral dissertation and in 1990 received the academic title of professor. In 2014Fatullayev Shamil was elected an active member. His name is associated with the study of the history of Azerbaijani architecture in the XIX-XX centuries. Possessing deep scientific knowledge in the field of architecture and town planning Sh.Fatullayev created his scientific school.

For the 1st time on the scientific basis of this school were written and published valuable scientific works - Zivarbey Ahmadbayov, Gasimbay Hajibababeyov, Karbalayi Sefikhan Garabagh, Mashadi Mirza Gafar Izmayilov, etc. The life and work of our outstanding architects turned into the object of research of our young scientists. The scientist was awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize of Azerbaijan and "Honored Architect of Azerbaijan", he was the president of the International Academy of Architecture of Eastern countries, a corresponding member of the International Academy of Architecture (Russia) and a full member of the International Congress on Turkish Art.

Sh.Fatullayev’s merits in the propaganda of the history of the national Azerbaijan architecture are great all over the world. He successfully represented the architecture of Azerbaijan, speaking at international conferences in Poland (1971), Iran (1991-1998), Turkey (1991), Jordan (1996), Holland (1999) and other countries.

Under the guidance of the scientist 15 PhDs and 4 Doctors of sciences were trained. Sh.Fatullayev is the author of more than 150 scientific papers. Among them, one should especially emphasize the monographs on "Urban architecture of Baku" (1978), "Urban planning and architecture of Azerbaijan in the early XIX-XX centuries" (1986), "Azerbaijani mosques" (1996), "Iranian cities in the period of Ghajars" (2000), "Architectural encyclopedia of Baku" (1998), "Architecture of Absheron" (2003, 2013) and "Architect Meshadi Mirza Gafar Izmailov" (2013). The well-known scientist was awarded by the several awards for his professional activity, in 1986 he was awarded the "Badge of Honor" order, and in 2000 by the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev was awarded the Order of "Glory". Also in 2008 he was awarded the Gold Medal of the Republic of Poland.

Academician Shamil Fatullayev died on March 9, 2015 in Baku.