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Hajiyev Akif Jafar oglu
Akif Hajiyev was born on December 8, 1937 in Baku, in the family of a prominent critic, literary scholar, Professor Jafar Handan. In 1960 he graduated from Azerbaijan State University (now BSU), in 1964 received the degree of PhD in Physics and Mathematics, in 1982 - Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (Institute of Mathematics after VASteklov of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR) Moscow), 1985 received the title of Professor, in 1989 was elected as corresponding member and in 2001 - an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR.In 1960-1992 he worked as a junior researcher, Academic-Secretary, head of Department at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR, Professor at Ankara University (1992-1999), head of Department at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS (1999-2001) and then Director (2004-2013). In 2001 he was elected as Academician-Secretary of the Department of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences of ANAS. In 2013 he was elected Vice-president of ANAS and at the same time continued his activities as Academician-Secretary of the Division of Physical-Mathematical and Technical Sciences of ANAS.Since 1999 he served as head of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Azerbaijan National Aviation Academy, Chairman of the Expert Council in Mathematics and Mechanics of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2002-2005) and since 2010 he has become the President of the Azerbaijan Mathematical Society. He was the chairman of the Council for the Defense of Doctoral Theses at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS, the chief editor of the “Transactions of NASA” journal (a series of mathematics and mechanics), Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics and a member of the editorial board of the journal Mechanics of Machines, Mechanisms and Materials (Minsk, Belarus). He was an active member of the International Engineering Academy, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Azerbaijan Academy of Engineering and the Azerbaijan Eco-Energy Academy.He constructed a theorem of consistent approximation by linear positive operators of one and multidimensional functions in weighted spaces, gave the concept of an operator with a positive k-line in spaces of analytic functions, and showed the important role of these operators in bringing together analytic functions in various domains. He created the theory of smoothness properties of the symbol of a multidimensional singular integral, studied its application in the theory of Fourier multipliers, and with the help of indicator diagrams for entire functions of many variables, proved Bernstein-type inequalities. Investigated the approximation properties at critical points of the 


and Bessel potentials, which are considered important harmonic analysis operators. Proved for them two-weight inequality.A.Hajiyev is the author of more than 100 scientific papers and 4 monographs. Under his leadership were protected 27 doctors and 1 PhD in mathematical sciences.He was awarded Medals "Honorary Labor" (1981), "Veteran of Labor" (1987), Order "Shohrat" (2004). In 2005 - “Honored Worker of Science”, in 2006 from the Universal Peace Federation and International Relations and the International Federation for World Peace, he received the title of Ambassador for peace (Ambassador of Peace).Academician Akif Hajiyev died in 2015 in Baku.