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Sadikhov Kamil Ismayil oglu

Sadikhov Kamil was born on February 27, 1927 in Ordzhonikidze, North Ossetian Autonomous Republic. He graduated from the chemistry department of Azerbaijan State University (1949).

K.Sadikhov received the degree of PhD in Chemistry (1957) and Doctor of Technical Sciences (1968). He was awarded the title of professor (1969). He was elected as a corresponding member (1980) and an active member of the ANAS (2001).

K.Sadikhov is one of the prominent scientists in the field of oil chemistry, one of the founders of the Institute of Additive Chemistry, the only institute specialized in the field of additives in the former Soviet Union.

In the works by K.Sadikhov a number of fundamental theoretical and practically important issues of petrochemistry were resolved - scientific bases for the selection of raw materials used in the synthesis of effective sulphonate additives were developed, correlations between the chemical structure and their efficiency were found, a number of effective additives to motor oils and lubricant were synthesized coolants (coolant), as well as their composition, developed and implemented in the industry of production technology of these substances.

The relationship between the effect and the chemical structures of the sulfonate additives was determined by K.Sadikhov.

K.Sadikhov is the author of more than 400 scientific papers, including 4 books, over 100 copyright certificates and patents.

Under the guidance of K. Sadikhov, 19 PhDs and 4 Doctors of Science were protected.

Along with the fruitful scientific activities, the scientist was also engaged in public affairs. He was a member of the Coordinating Council of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining, a Specialized Academic Council for the Protection of Candidate and Doctoral Theses, and a member of the Bureau of Chemical Sciences of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Examination Commission of the Baku State University and the State Oil Academy.

K.Sadikhov was awarded the Order "Shohrat" and "Badge of Honor", the badge "Inventor of the USSR" and the medal "Veteran of Labor". Awarded the State Prize of the Azerbaijan SSR.

K.Sadikhov died on July 8, 2016.