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Juvarli Chingiz Mehdi oglu
Chingiz Mehdi oglu Juvarli was born on May 1, 1913 in Ganja city.

In 1936 he graduated from the Power Engineering faculty of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (now Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University).

He received his PhD in Power Engineering  (1941), doctor of science (1950), Professor's scientific name (1952). In 1959 he was elected  corresponding member of ANAS  and an active member in 1962.

He worked as chief engineer and director at Ganja city power station in 1942-1946  and  in the State Power Engineering Institute named after Krjijanovski in 1947-1950.  In 1951-1962 he worked as laboratory manager and director at Azerbaijan AS Power Engineering Institute. In 1951-1962 he worked as a  chairman of laboratory and director at Azerbaijan AS Energy Institute. He was professor of ASU (1954-1960), professor of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (1961-1998), laboratory assistant at the Institute of Physics at AAS in 1962-1985. He worked in the position of academician-secretary of Physics-Mathematics and Technical Sciences Department of AAS in 1962-1968.

Ch.Juvarli`s researches include extreme development of complex measures for elimination of extremes of ferrorezonance  extreme voltage induced by the extreme voltages due to arc discharges, power systems operating at different frequencies and the switching of fixed current distribution devices, study of solid, liquid and gaseous dielectrics, electric emissions, physical effects of electric fields and particles loaded with materials, physical and chemical processes occurring as a result of the influence of powerful electric field and gas discharge on the volume and surface of dielectrics and composite materials, modification of materials by means of effective and environmentally sound technological processes and development of scientific bases of these physical phenomena , numerical calculation of wave processes and mathematical modeling methods etc. Ch.Juvarli has worked to intensify the adsorbent adsorption processes by the effects of strong electrical fields.

Ch.Juvarli is the author of hundreds of scientific articles, dozens of monographs, methodological aids for universities, patents, scientific popular articles, guidance manuals for the Ministry of Power Engineering of the former USSR and a number of scientific-mass books.

Dozens of candidates of sciences and  doctors of sciences have been trained under the leadership and guidance of Ch.Juvarli. He was a laureate of State awards of the USSR, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, the prize named after P.N.Yablochkov of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

Juvarli was honored scientific worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Honorary Power Engineer of the USSR.

Academician Chingiz Juvarli died in Baku in 2000.