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Afandiyev Ayaz Adil oglu
Afandiyev Ayaz Adil oghlu  was born on January 15, 1938 in Baku. He graduated from the Chemical-technological faculty of the Azerbaijan Oil and Chemistry Institute (1959). He studied post graduate study at the Institute of Physical Chemistry in Moscow (1960-1963). He received Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (1965), Doctor of Science (1982), Scientific Degree, Professor (1986).

A.Afandiyev was elected as a corresponding member of ANAS (2001), an active member (2007).

A. Afandiyev has been working at the Institute of Theoretical Problems of Chemical Technology named after M.Naghiyev since 1965, as a junior researcher, senior researcher, chief department, and since 1971 as Laboratory Manager. He defended his doctoral dissertation at the Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov (1982). He has been the Director of the Polymer Materials Institute since 1987 and the head of the laboratory of Polymer Sorbents and Catalysts at the Institute of Theoretical Problems of Chemical Technology (present Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry).

He was academician-secretary of the department of Chemical Sciences (2001-2007), academician-secretary of ANAS (2007).

A.Afandiyev, a student of academician V.Kargin and academician V.Kabanov, was a well-known specialist in the field of high-molecular compounds. He developed new principles for the regulation of polymer sorbents and catalysts acquisition and properties. He is the author of more than 220 scientific works and inventions. His scientific articles has been published in the USA, Germany, England, Italy, Japan and other leading countries. The results of A. Afandiyev's research were used in some textbooks, monographs and included in the Encyclopedia of Polymers.

A.Afandiyev was an active  member of the New York Academy of Sciences and a member of the American Chemical Society. He was awarded the Commemoration Medal of Ankara Middle East Technical University. A. Afandiyev was a chairman of the Problem Council on High-molecular compounds Chemistry and a member of the Scientific Council of Russian AS High-molecular compounds, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of "Azerbaijan Chemistry Magazine", Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council under the Institute of Theoretical Problems of Chemical Technology named after M.Naghiyev. His name was included in the US-based "Who is who in the World" book and the international biographical dictionary published in England. In 1994, under the leadership of A.Afandiyev, a group of scholars received a grant from the International Science Foundation (Soros Foundation), including the University of Pisa (Italy), Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), Bremen University (Germany), Organic Synthesis Institute and Ural Forest Technical Together with academics (Yekaterinburg, Russia), he has worked on a joint program on grants of International INTAS fund. 11 PhDs and a doctoral dissertation was prepared under the guidance of A. Afandiyev.

He was awarded with Honorary orders of ANAS, "Honor Badge" and "Glory" orders. The scientist has also received title of honorary scientist.

Academician Ayaz Afandiyev died in Baku in 2007.