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Alizadeh Gambay Asgar oglu
G.Alizade was born in 1895 in the village of Gizilca near Ganja city. In 1928 he graduated from the Mining Department of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (present Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University).

In 1938 G.Alizade received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Geology-Mineralogy, the scientific title of Professor in 1942 and Doctor of Geological-Mineralogical Sciences in 1945. In 1955 he was elected corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, and in 1962 became an active member.

After graduating from the institute for labor activity, G.Alizade began his career as a laboratory assistant at the Department of Paleontology and Historical Geology of Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute.

G.Alizade worked as an associate professor, professor in the paleontology and historic geology department of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (present Azerbaijan State Oil Academy) in 1932-1941, and led the department for a long time. From 1941 to the end of his life (1990) he led the "Cenozoic" Laboratory at the Azerbaijan  AS Institute of Geology and "Paleontology and Stratigraphy" department. In 1943-1945 he worked as director of the institute.

G. Alizade was one of the founders of geology and paleontology in Azerbaijan. G.Alizade, a great scientist in the field of stratigraphy and paleontology of cenozoise, studied the development of stratigraphy, the mollusk fauna of the cenozoic era, systematized the history of paleontology, stratigraphy and geological science. He was the founder and the first chairman of the Cenozoic biostratigraphy scientific school and the Azerbaijan Paleontological Society, a member of the Soviet Encyclopedia Orthography Commission.

G. Alizadeh has been the author of 400 scientific works, including 9 monographs and textbooks. Under his leadership, 60 doctors of science and philosphy have been trained.

G.Alizade was honored with honorary title of Honored Scientist.

Academician Gambay Alizadeh died in 1990 in Baku.