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Huseynov Ismayil Abbas oglu
Academician Huseynov Ismail Abbaswas born on December 15, 1910. In 1928 he entered the law faculty of the Azerbaijan State University (now the Baku State University) and graduated in 1933. In the same year he entered to the graduate school of the Institute of Peoples of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR (Moscow) on a specialty "history".

In 1941 he became a PhD in Philosophy and in 1947 - Doctor of science at the Moscow State University after M.Lomonosov. He was the first Azerbaijani scientist, who became a doctor of historical sciences.

I.Huseynov twice was director of the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (1941-1944, 1958-1960), and in 1960-1966 he worked as academician-secretary of the Department of Social Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, in 1949 - a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, and in 1958 he became a full member.

I.Huseynov is the author of about 100 scientific works. Scientific works, published by him during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. - "The outstanding statesman Shirvanshah Ibrahim" and "Shah Ismail Safevi" from the point of view of an objective assessment of Azerbaijani historiography became an important event for these statesmen.

As Academician Alisohbat Sumbatzadeh noted, for the first time in historical studies I.Huseynov expressed his opinion about the formation of the Azerbaijani state in the early period of the Safavid state.

I.Huseynov was one of the leaders, editors and authors of the three-volume "Azerbaijan History", supervisor and consultant of more than 40 candidate and doctoral dissertations. In the years 1944-1948. I.Huseynov was engaged in pedagogical activity and headed the Department of History of the USSR Azerbaijan State University.

I.Huseynov dignifiedly represented the historical science of Azerbaijan at international congresses of historians and orientalists, in 1960 he lectured in Sweden, in 1964 - in India, and in 1965 - in Austria.

I.Huseynov was awarded with the Certificate of Honor of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR and was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Worker of Science".

Academician Ismail Huseynov died in Baku in 1969.