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Kocharli Firudin Gasim oglu
Academician Kocharli Firudin was born on December 28, 1920 in the Isali village, Gadabay region.In 1950 F.Kocharli graduated from Azerbaijan State University, entered the postgraduate school of Moscow State University after M.V.Lomonosov, in 1953 received the degree of PhD, in 1966 - Doctor of Science, and in 1968 received the title of Professor.In 1966 F.Kocharli was elected as a corresponding member and in 1976 - an active member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.In 1953-1958 F.Kocharli held the position of associate Professor of the philosophy department of Azerbaijan State University.In 1958-1967 F. Kocharli headed the Philosophy Sector of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, in 1967-1985 served as director of the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. Until the end of his life, the scientist worked at this institute.The research activities of the scientist were related to the study of the history of philosophy and social thought in Azerbaijan, dialectical and historical materialism, problems of ethics and aesthetics, as well as the life and work of thinkers and cultural figures and scientists in Azerbaijan, their role and place in Azerbaijan's public thought.The scientist delivered papers at international symposium in Czechoslovakia, Canada, Scandinavian countries and other foreign countries. The scientist had worthily represented our country.The studies by F.Kocharli were published in various books and monographs, and were included in the book “History of Philosophy in the USSR”, which was published in Moscow.F.Kocharli paid special attention to the training of scientific personnel. By his leadership, trained philosophers and lawyers successfully work in various scientific and educational institutions, government agencies and other spheres of our republic and foreign countries. Under the scientific guidance of the scientist dozens of doctoral and PhDs theses were defended.Active member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Firudin Kocharli died in 2004 in Baku.