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Ganiyev Mammadtagi Gasim oglu

Ganiyev Mammadtaghi was born on May 9, 1907 in Shamakha. Entered the S.Orjonikidze Military Preparatory School (1920-1926), after which he was sent to the Leningrad Military School of Communications (1926). He graduated from high school after M.A.Sabir (1928), in 1932 completed a higher education at the Veterinary and Zootechnical Institute (Erivan).

He defended degree of Doctor of Veterinary sciences (1944). He was elected as an active member of the Academy of Agriculture of the USSR (1958) and the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR (1962). In 1932 M.Ganiyev worked as an assistant at the microbiology department of the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute. He held the position of researcher, head of the Department, chief veterinarian, director of the institute and other research and public institutions. Then, he worked at the Institute of Microbiology of ANAS.

The main direction of scientific activity of M.Ganyiev was the study of the disease of pasteurellosis in cattle and the preparation of measures against this disease. As a result of all this, the causative agent of pasteurellosis was thoroughly investigated, the characteristic features of its distribution were identified. An effective vaccine was prepared for the treatment of the disease, which since 1949 began on an industrial scale .

Then, academician involved in the improvement of this vaccine prepared a more effective new version, which received a positive review and was confirmed as a drug by the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR and from 1966 began to use this drug widely. In addition, M.Ganiyev conducted research in the study of such diseases common among farm animals - foot and mouth disease, agalaxy, leukemia, listeriosis, etc. Together with prof. A.Annagiyev the scientist offered a live vaccine against listeriosis, which in 1965 was approved by the Scientific and Technical Council of the USSR Ministry of Agriculture.

Monographs, textbooks and over 200 scientific works by academician M.Ganyiev were published. His first work in the field of microbiology is the textbook Fundamentals of Microbiology (1933). This is the first textbook in the Azerbaijani language.

Under his leadership were prepared 36 PhD and Doctors of Sciences.

M.Ganyiev was awarded the “Badge of Honor”, “Labor Red Banner” a number of medals and honorary diplomas for scientific, pedagogical and social and academician activities. He awarded the title "Honored Scientist".

Academician Ganiyiev Mammadtaghi died on May 24, 1979 in Baku.