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Guliyev Ali Musa oglu

Guliyev Ali was born on May 31, 1912 in Ganja. He graduated from the chemistry department of Azerbaijan State University (1939), then he was left as an assistant at the department of Organic Chemistry by decision of the State Examination Commission.

In 1944 A.Guliyev received the degree of PhD in Chemistry, 1951 - Doctor of Chemistry and Professor. He was elected as a corresponding member (1958) and then an active member of ANAS (1959).

In 1937 A.Guliyev began his career at the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Petrochemical Processes was the head of the laboratory (1945-1965). In 1965-1967 he was the Academician-Secretary of the Department of Chemical Sciences of ANAS was the founder of the Institute of Chemical Additives, the only in a USSR specialized in the field of additives established in 1965 and until 1987 was the director of this institute.

A.Guliyev is a prominent scientist in the field of organic chemistry and petroleum chemistry. He created a new field of petroleum chemistry, lubricating oils, fuels and additives that improve the quality of operation of special substances, as well as the creation on their basis of high-quality oils, fuels and coolant compositions. The scientist was one, who laid the foundation for their use in industry in the former Soviet Socialist Republic.

A.Guliyev is the author of over 600 scientific works, including 200 inventions and 10 monographs. In 1972 “Chemistry and Technology of Additives to Lubricating Oils and Fuels” book was published in Moscow and a more expanded version of this book was published in 1985 in St. Petersburg, in the same years the 1972 edition was translated into Hungarian and Slovak languages.

A.Guliyev created a scientific school in the field of chemical additives: under his leadership 19 Doctors of Science, more than 60 PhD were trained.

The activities of A.Guliyev were highly appreciated by the state. The scientist was awarded the “Order of the Red Banner of Labor” (2 times) and the “Badge of Honor”, medals for his activities during the Great Patriotic War and the Diploma of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan SSR (5 times). He received the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science", awarded the State Prizes of the Azerbaijan SSR.

Academician Guliyev Ali died in 1989 in Baku.