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Guliyev Saftar Mehdi oglu

Guliyev Saftar was born in 1908 in Baku. In 1930 he graduated from the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (now the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University) on drilling oil and gas wells.

In 1939 S.Guliyev defended PhD in Technical and in 1948 defended his Doctor in Technical sciences.

In 1955 he was elected as a corresponding member of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, and in 1959 as an active member.

In 1928-1942, S.Guliyev worked in various positions at drilling facilities of “Azerneft” Production Association. In 1932-1960 he worked as an assistant, associate professor, Professor and first Azerbaijani head of the department of oil and gas drilling wells of the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry.

In 1945 S.Guliyev was appointed as Deputy Director for science at the re-established oil institute in 1960-1971 and was Director of the Institute of Deep oil and Gas problem of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.

For many years he was a member of the mining expert commission of the Supreme Attestation Commission of the former Union, at the same time an honorary member of the Azerbaijan Scientific and Technical Society of the Oil and Gas Industry.

S.Guliyev was a prominent scientist in the field of drilling oil and gas wells, one of those who first used the method of ultradeep drilling, is also the creator of scientific and technical terminology in the Azerbaijani language.

The field of research of S.Guliyev includes the development of the theoretical foundations of drilling modes, the mounting of wells, the development of fast drilling technology, the basics of rational drilling of vertical and inclined turbine wells, the gradual destruction of rocks.

S.Guliyev is the author of more than 200 scientific articles, including 20 monographs and textbooks for higher educational institutions. His textbook "Drilling of oil wells" in 1947 was one of the first textbooks recommended by the USSR Ministry of Higher Education for training in relevant universities.

Under the leadership of S.Guliyev Doctors of science and 63 PhDs were trained. He was the official opponent of 46 PhDs and Doctors of Science.

He was awarded the title “Honored Scientist of Azerbaijan”, an honorary oil industry worker of the USSR and was awarded the “Order of the Red Banner of Labor” and numerous medals.

Academician Saftar Guliyev died in 1973 in Baku.