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Gutirya Viktor Stepanovich

Gutira Victor was born on September 11, 1910 in the Sinyavskoye village, Rostov.

He graduated from the petrochemical department of the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry (1932) (now the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry).

V. Gutira in 1938 received a Ph.D degree in Engineering, in 1944 - Doctor of Chemical Sciences and a Professor.

In 1949 he was elected as an active member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR, 1953 - a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and in 1961 - a an active member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

V.Gutira was engaged in fundamental research of oil of the Absheron Peninsula, which made it possible to provide the country with aviation gas in the war years.

He determined the preparation of the catalytic cracking process by means of circulating powder catalysts and determined the level of local oil refining.

The development and completion of the technology for producing ethylene from ethylene on an industrial scale (together with Academician Mark Dallin), the preparation of a new catalytic cracking technology using microspherical aluminosilicate catalysts (together with Academician Wahab Aliyev) are the main scientific researches of the scientist conducted in Azerbaijan.

V.Gutira was an adviser on Doctoral theses. For 36 years of residence in Baku, the scientist has prepared national scientific staff. The scientist was the head of the Specialized Council on Defense of Doctoral and PhD theses in the Field of Petroleum Chemistry and Petrochemical Synthesis in both Baku and Kiev.

He is the author of 280 various kinds of scientific works, as well as 3 monographs and 19 copyright certificates.

V.Gutira was awarded the State Prize of the USSR, awarded the Order “Badge of Honor” (2 times), the Labor Red Banner (2 times), medals “For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War” and “Thirty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War”.

Academician Victor Gutira died in 1983.