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Mahmudov Ahmad Akbar oglu

Active member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences Mahmudov Ahmad was born on May 25, 1923 in Shakhtakhti, Nakhchivan. In 1941 he graduated from high school. In 1942-1945 he took part in the Great Patriotic War. In 1946-1950 he received education at the faculty of "accounting and statistics" of the Azerbaijan State Institute of National Economy, then, after graduating from the institute with a diploma of distinction, began research activities.

Since 1955, A.Mahmudov worked for 33 years at the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR. The scientist worked as a junior researcher and rose to the position of director. In 1984, A.Makhmudov served as Academician-Secretary of the Department of History, Economy, Philosophy and Law of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Academician A.Mahmudov investigated the level and factors of intensity of agriculture in Azerbaijan, based on rich statistical and specific materials and scientifically substantiated the role of intensity in the dynamic development of the agricultural sector.

A.Mahmudov had great merits in organizing and coordinating research into the comprehensive program of scientific and technical progress of Azerbaijan for the long term. The preparation of a comprehensive program of scientific and technical progress of Azerbaijan for the long term under the leadership of A.Mahmudov was aimed to identifying sources of the production intensity process, increasing its efficiency, as well as more profitable use of the republic’s productive forces in the national economy complex.

Ahmad Mahmudov is the author of the books “Land Fund of Collective Farms of the Nagorno-Shirvan District and Ways to Use Them” (1961), “Economic Problems of the Intensity of Agriculture in the Collective Farms of the Azerbaijan SSR” (1969), “Comprehensive Program of Scientific and Technological Progress in the USSR for 1991-2000, "Concept of the regional department", "Comprehensive program of scientific and technological progress in the Azerbaijan SSR" (1986), "Actual problems of the economy of Azerbaijan", "Union of Economists of Azerbaijan" (2008) and other books.

Ahmad Mahmudov died on May 8, 1989 in Baku.