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Mirzajanzadeh Azad Khalil oglu
Azad Khalil Mirzajanzade was born on September 29, 1928 in Baku.

He graduated from Azerbaijan Industry Institute (now Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University) on mining engineer (1949). He got a PhD in 1951, a doctor’s in 1957, and became a professor of science in 1959, and in 1969 a full member of the AAS.

A.Mirzajanzade hold the posts of Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Professor (1952-1960), Head of the Department at AII (1962-1977), Head of Department at the Institute of Mechanical Problems of the USSR (1969-1975), Head of the Department at the Ufa Oil Institute (1988-1990) , Chairman of the Supreme Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1992-2003, chairman of the Science and Technology Committee in 1993-2003, established the Patent Agency of Azerbaijan.

For the first time, he laid basics of gas condensate and non-Newtonian fluid and made the basic differential equation for filtration of gas condensate systems. He is the founder of non-Newton systems in the oil and gas industry and "reotechnology". He has created theoretical and practical basis for the extraction of oils, indicating that there are elastic-elastic properties in oils. Developed a phenomenological theory of the filtration of crude-plastic fluids, solved many issues related to the extraction and transportation of such oils. For the first time, he has developed hydrodynamic bases for wells in difficult conditions. The main scientific directions of his latest research are devoted to the synergetic and dynamic analysis of oil and gas deposits. In this direction, "Enhanced layers oil recovery processes", "Dynamic processes in oil and gas extraction", "Oil and gas fields development fragments", "Technique and technology of gas extraction" and other books and monographs have been published.

A.Mirzajanzade is the author of about 500 scientific articles and more than 50 inventions. More than 250 philosophical doctors and more than 100 doctors have been trained under his leadership.

He has been a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), the Academy of Sciences of Bashkortostan.

He was twice awarded the Azerbaijan State Prize (1976, 1986), and three times a laureate of the award named after academician I.M.Gubkin (1975, 1982, 1985). P.Kapitsa medal, “Vietnam’s Hero” Golden Star of the Vietnamese Republic, Istiglal Order of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Academician Azad Mirzajanzadeh died in 2006 in Baku.