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Shahtakhtinski Mahammadamin Habibulla oglu
Shahtakhtinski Mahammadamin was born on July 10, 1932 in Baku. In 1956 he graduated from the Moscow Energy Institute.

In 1960, M.Shahtakhtinskireceived a Ph.D degree in Physics, and in 1968 - a Doctor of physical sciences. In 1971 he received the title of Professor. In 1981 he was elected as a corresponding member and in 1989 – as an active member of the ANAS.

The activity of academician M.Shahtakhtinskiwas associated with the Institute of Physics of ANAS. In 1961, the scientist worked as a junior researcher, in 1968 - as a senior researcher, in 1968 - as a head of a laboratory, and in 1987 - as a head of a department. He was a member of the Bureau of the Department of Physical, Mathematical and Technical Sciences of ANAS, President of the Azerbaijan Society of Physicists, Vice President of the Eurasian Physical Society. Scientific studies of M.Shahtakhtinskicovered various fields of physics.

The scientist investigated the mechanical, thermal, electrical, electrical and thermoluminescent properties of such important composites as metallic systems, dielectrics and semiconductors, as well as boundary-polarization processes, including conducting a comprehensive study of electron-ion and relaxation processes. M.Shahtakhtinskilaid the foundation for a new scientific direction - the physics of composite structures.

The mechanisms for changing the effective electret load and electret potential difference in polymer piezoelectric composites depending on the temperature and voltage of the electric field are given.

M. Shahtakhtinskiis the author of more than 250 scientific articles, 60 inventions. Under his leadership 2 Doctor and 12 PhDs were protected.

M. Shahtakhtinskiwas awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science." Awarded the Order "Shohrat" of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Academician Shahtakhtinski Mahammadamin died in 2011 in Baku.