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Yagubov Ahad Alakbar oglu
Ahad Yagubov was born in 1908 in Baku. In 1934 he graduated from the mining department of the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute (now the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry) with a degree in geological engineering.

In 1941, A.Yagubov defended his thesis on the topic “Mud volcanoes of the western part of the Absheron Peninsula and their connection with oil-bearing capacity”, received the degree of Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, and in 1942 was awarded the USSR State Prize. In 1947 he was elected as an active member, academician-secretary of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (ANA).

He investigated stratigraphy, tectonics, oil and gas potential of the areas of development of mud volcanoes, and also conducted research in the field of geochemical characteristics of the layer waters of oil and gas. He was elected oil secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. The scientist for more than 25 years headed the department of "Geology and the search for oil and gas fields" of the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (now the Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry).

In 1944-1946 A.Yagubov was a consultant at the USSR Embassy in Iran, then he was elected deputy chairman for the oil industry of the Central Committee of the Azerbaijan Communist Party and the head of the department.

For the first time in the world geological practice under the leadership of A.Yagubov, the Atlas of Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan was published in 1971, and in 1978 the Map of Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan’s Oil and Gas Regions was compiled.

Over 200 scientific papers were published, including 10 monographs by A. Yagubov. He became the author of the first textbooks, manuals and a number of scientific and methodical works in the field of geology in the Azerbaijani language. Under his leadership, more than 50 Doctors of Science and PhD were trained.

The merits of A.Yagubov in the oil and gas sector were highly appreciated by the state. The scientist was awarded the Order of Lenin, "Badge of Honor" and the October Revolution, medals "For the Defense of the Caucasus" in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, "For Valiant Labor" and was awarded the title "Honorary Oil Worker" of the USSR.

Academician Ahad Yagubov died in 1979 in Baku.