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Aghayev Boyukkishi Agha oglu

Boyukkishi Aghayev was a productive scientist, a skilled healthcare organizer, who constantly enriched medical science, health and education with tireless theoretical and practical activity. He was born in Sabirabad, Azerbaijan in 1928, graduated from secondary school in 1944 with honors and entered the Medical Faculty of the Azerbaijan Medical Institute (now Azerbaijan Medical University).

In 1949, the scientist graduated from the institute, was appointed as a surgeon at Sabirabad regional hospital by the order of the Ministry of Health. In 1954, he was admitted to the Moscow Clinical Postgraduate School of Surgery, and in 1958 he was appointed assistant at the Surgical Department of the Astrakhan Medical Institute.

He was engaged in pedagogical activities, besides academic studies. In 1959-60, he lectured on military medicine in 5th year students of the Azerbaijan Medical Institute. In 1960, B.Agayev was appointed Chief Scientific Officer at the Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute of Oncology, studied the changes in water-salt and hormonal exchange during the development of oncological diseases and improved the methods of treatment. He also provided exceptional services in the writing of textbooks for the students.

B.Agayev was the author of more than 400 scientific and publicist works, including 9 inventions and more than 25 productive proposals. Nearly 200 of his scientific works were published abroad.

Under the leadership of the prominent scientist, 62 PhDs and 11 Doctor of Sciences defended medicine.

Academician B.Agayev has been heading the II Department of Surgical Diseases of Azerbaijan Medical University since 1973.

The scientist was a member of a number of societies and scientific councils on medicine. He was awarded the "Honor" order in 1998, taking into account his exceptional service in the field of medical and pedagogical activity. He was also awarded the Academician M.A.Gasimov Award, Academician M.A.Topchubashov Prize and the Gold Medal of Nizami Ganjavi of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The prominent scientist, surgeon, educator, director of the II Department of Surgical Diseases of Azerbaijan Medical University, director of the Scientific Surgery Center named after M.Topichubashov, academician Boyukkishi Agha oglu Aghayev died on April 4 at age 90.