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Kerimov Kerim Ali oglu (1917-2003)

Kerim Kerimov was born on November 14, 1917 in family of engineer-technologist in Baku, Azerbaijan.

After graduation from the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute in 1942, K.A.Kerimov continued his education at the Artillery Academy, where he committed himself to design and development of space rocket systems.Kerim Ali oglu Kerimov is the Hero of Socialist Labour (the supreme decoration in the Former Soviet Union), laureate of Stalin, Lenin and State awards of the Soviet Union, retired Lieutenant-General.

Since 1946 he has been involved in creation of radio-measurement systems for ballistic missiles. In result of his research, the radio-measurement system "Don" for controlling internal parameters of missile was created and applied in space rockets. As one of the creators of this system, K.Kerimov was awarded the Stalin premium in 1950. As a researcher and specialist, he was in forefront of research and development in the field of aeronautics in fifties, when the launches of manmade satellites and space rockets intensified. After having been valued as a high-class specialist in the area of his expertise, K.Kerimov was promoted in to the position of Chairman of State Commission for monitoring and approval of activities on preparation, launching and operating of manmade satellites "Molniya-1" for communications and "Meteor" for meteorological research and earth radio-sounding from the space. In 1961 in connection with the first manned flight of space rocket around the earth with Y.Gagarin on board K.Kerimov was awarded the Order of Lenin.

For achievements made in the field of radio-sounding of earth from satellites and creation of first guided satellite K.Kerimov was awarded the Lenin premium.

With account of outstanding achievements he made in the field of aeronautics, K.Kerimov was appointed in 1966 as a Chairman of State Commission of Space Flights of the USSR.

A big number of outstanding Soviet scientists such as Academicians V.P. Mishin, V.P.Glushkov, Y.P.Semyonov and other leading specialists were members of this Commission.

Due to his possession of unique knowledge and expertise in all aspects of aeronautics, K.Kerimov was continuously remaining in that senior position for 25 years. During that period of time he was making final decisions on approval of all space flights and satellite launches implemented in the USSR, including those to Venera and other planets of Solar System. For organization of first flights of soviet spacecrafts with international crews, K.Kerimov was awarded the State Premium of the USSR in 1979.

For his outstanding achievements in the field of aeronautics, K.Kerimov was awarded his second Order of Lenin and received the Golden Star of the Hero of the Socialist Labour (the supreme decoration in the Former Soviet Union) in 1987.

Since 1991 till present K.Kerimov has been working as a Consultant at the Main Space Flights Control Centre of the Russian State Aerospace Agency.

K.Kerimov has always paid due attention to development of aeronautics and associated sciences in Azerbaijan and guided activities aimed at development of this important fields of science and technology in this country. Since 1988 till present K.Kerimov has developed close working relationships with the Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency.

With account of his outstanding role in development of aerospace science and technology and his contribution to development of these particular fields of knowledge in Azerbaijan, by decree of His Excellence Heydar Aliyev, the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, K.Kerimov was awarded the Order of Honour of the Azerbaijan Republic.

K.Kerimov is the author of book "The way to the space".

For his great achievement in aerospace science, K.Kerimov has been elected as an Honoured Member of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

He died on 29 March 2003.