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Institute of Oriental Studies named after Academican Ziya Bunyadov


Address AZ1073, 31, H.Javid av., 115, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic   

(+994 12) 5388755

Fax (+994 12) 5109721 
General director Academician Govhar Bakhshali Bakhshaliyeva

Office phone: (+994 12) 5388755, 5109721

Mob.: (+994 50) 3379010

Fax: (+994 12) 5109721


Executive director

Ruhangiz Aydin gizi Jumshudlu

Ph.D. in Philology

Mob.: (+994 50) 5861336


Scientific secretary Sabina Arif gizi Salimova 

Ph.D. in Philology, docent

Office phone: (+994 12) 5392363

Mob.: (+994 50) 4566303


Establishment history Institute of Oriental Studies of ANAS was founded in 1958 by the by law of Soviet of Ministers of the Republic on the basis of acting departments and groups of other institutes of Academy of Sciences. 
Basic activity directions  Social, political, economical and cultural development of oriental countries; relations between Azerbaijan and oriental countries 
Main scientific achievements 

About years of existence the institute has reached the big successes in the field of research of history, culture, economics and public thought of oriental countries. It has been investigated a number of the scientific problems corresponding to lines of activity of institute. It has been spent a number of influential international conferences, fundamental monographies and books are published.

More than 600 scientific books and about 7000 scientific articles were published. The most important among them are follows:

Abdul-Kerim Alizade “Muhammed  ibn Hindushah Naxchivani Dastur al-katib fi tayin al-maratib” I I volumes, M., Nauka, I volume, 1964, I volume, part II 1971, II volume, 1976.

Arasli H.M. “Xaqani Shirvani” (about life and rich  literary heritage of poet), Baku, 1982.

Arasli H.M.  Imadeddin Nasimi. The life and creativity.  Baki, Azerneshr, 1972.

Maharramov T.A.” Amir Xosrov Dehlevi”. Mechnun and Leyli. Baku, Elm, 1970.

Maharramov T.A. “Ashraf Maraqayi”. The life and creativity.  Baki, Elm, 2000.

Imanquliyeva A.N. “The unity of a feather and Mixail Nauyme”. M., Nauka, 1975.

Imanquliyeva A.N. “Curban Khalil Curban”. Baku, Elm, 1975.

Imanquliyeva A.N. “The coryphaeuses of  a new arab literature”.   “Elm”, 1991.

Aliyev R.M. “Nizami Ganjavi. Seven beauties.” Baku, Elm, 1983.

Shikhabaddin an Nasavi. Biography of Jalal ad-Din Mankburny. Translations from Arabic, preface, notes and comments are made by academician Z.M.Bunyadov. Baku, Elm, 1973.

Z.M.Bunyadov. Azerbaijan at VII-IX  centuries. Baku, Azerneshr, 1989.  

Z.M.Bunyadov. The Azerbaijan Atabekhs` government. Baku, Elm, 1985.

Abdi bey Shirazi. Tekmillet-ul-akhbar. Translations, summary and comments are made by A.Rakhimov. Baku, Elm, 1970.

G.B.Bakhshaliyeva. Abul-faraj al-Isfahani "Books of Songs" and classic Azerbaijanian literature.

G.B.Bakhshaliyeva. “The Modern Siriya`s story”

Islam. The encyclopaedic dictionary. G.B.Bakhshaliyeva, A. Abbasov. Baku, Elm, 2013.

F.M. Asadov. The Arabian sources about Turks in the early Middle Ages. Baku? Elm, 1993.

E. Hasanova. Secularism and Islam in Turkish republic. Baku, Elm, 2002.

R.A. Mursalov. The Modern  internal processes in Islam. Baku, Elm, 2010.

M.A. Mahammedli. The problems of the Southern  Azerbaijan. Baku, “Baki Chap Evi” piblishment, 2012.

Alibeyli Sh.A. The Percian divan of Fuzuli: linqvo-poetic features. Baku, “Nafta-press”, 2008.

M. D. Kazimov.   “The poetic heritage of Jamal Tabrizi”. Baku, Elm, 1998.

A.R. Bizhe. “Seyid Jafar Pishavari”.Baku, 2009.

The international scientific relations of Institute of Oriental studies after  Z.Bunyadov are wide. During the last years have been signed contracts with Institute of Turkology of Babash Bolyai” University in Romania (2010), with Institute of Oriental studies of  Italy (2013), Neapol, with Institute of Oriental studies of the RussianAcademy of Sciences (2014). 


Total number of employees 157
Structural subdivisions Department of Iranian Philology
Department of Turkish Philology
Department of the religion and the history of social thought
Department of sources-books and study and publishing of written monuments
Department of East and West
Department of the South Azerbaijan
Department of the Central Asia
Department of history and economy of Turkey
Department of history and economy of Iran
Department of history and economy of Arabic countries
Department of Arabian Philology
Department of Pacific Asian Countries Region
Department of publication and provision of scientific information
Department of Theory of Oriental Studies

Scientific Council:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


Govhar Bakhshali Bakhshaliyeva 

Salimova Sabina Arif 

Mustafayev Sh.M. 

Mirzazade S.Q.

Kazimov M.D. 

Bayramzade S.Z. 

Rustamova-Tohidi S.A. 

Abiyev A.M. 

Mahammedli M.A. 

Abbasov R.I.

Asadov F.M. 

Hasanova E.Y.


Mustafayev V. K.

Alimuradov İ.A. 

Rahimova  Z.T. 

Sadiqova  Ch.A. 

Mammedov V.I. 

Talibli S.A. 

Jumshudlu R.A 

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chairman

-       deputy

-       secretary

-       members


Agayev P.E.

Malikova L.F. 

Alimuradov İ.A. 

Salimova S.A.

Mirzayeva J.A.

Kazımov Q.A.

Samadova U.M.

Abdullayeva X.F.

Mirzayeva A.A.

Tagıyeva G.X.

Dissertation Council

-       chairman

-       deputy chair

-       scientific secretary

-       members


Bakhshaliyeva G.B. 

Kazimov M.D. 

Shixalibeyli Z.A.

Quliyev E.H.

Xalilov P.İ.

Nagisoylu M.Z. 

Rustamova T.Z.

Jumshudlu R.A 

Sharifov K.K.

Mahammadli M.A. 

Quliyeva-Qafqazli X.C. 

Osmanova B.R. 

Rahimova Z.T. 

Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members


Alimuradov İ.A. 

Babaşlı M.A. 

Madjidova N.A.

Mirzazade S.Q. 

Malikova L.F. 

Qafqazlı G.A.

Sadıqov T.Q. 

Mammedov V.I. 

Rustamov R.N.
PR responsible person Mammedov V.I  PhD. in Philology
Doctors of sciences