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1st Azerbaijan-Russia joint international grant competition announced
28.03.2017 15:34
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1st Azerbaijan-Russia joint international grant competition announced

Science Development Foundation taking into account the provisions of tripartite agreement, which signed on May 17, 2016 in Moscow, “On the cooperation among Science Development Foundation under President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Federal budget organization "Russian Fundamental Research Fund" (RFTF) and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS)”, has announced 1st Azerbaijan-Russia joint international grant competition.

The competition, implementing by temporary creative collectives composed of Azerbaijani and Belarusian scientists, aims to underpin research projects in scientific areas relevant to each of the four sides, boost international scientific cooperation, and create additional opportunity for solving of modern scientific problems. Within the competition projects of fundamental and applied nature will be funded up to 200 thousand manat by Science Development Foundation.

Projects for participation at the competition will be submitted from 28 March 2017 to 29 June, until 17: 00 pm. The results of the competition is planned to announce on the 4th term of 2017.

The scientific examination of the projects submitted to the competition, work and periodical monitoring of winning projects will be organized by the Science Development Foundation. Projects can be submitted through innovative technology created by the Science Development Foundation "e-GRANT" = “Electronic Management System of the Grant Projects".

You can get particular announcement of Russian Fundamental Research Fund through the following link: 

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