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19.05.2024 13:00
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Common objectives of science and media

Common objectives of science and media

The next outstanding guest of the “Xalq qəzeti” was Academician Isa Habibbeyli, President of the National Academy of Sciences.

Welcoming Isa Habibbeyli, leader of Azerbaijani science, prominent academician, and specialist in literature as well as the author, who cooperates with the newspaper for fifty years, Editor-in-Chief Aflatun Amashov said that “Xalq qəzeti” will celebrate its 105th year in 2024. He added that the newspaper which has gained the status of national and avant-garde printed publication during the past period has always been closely cooperating with the scientists and scientific institutions of the country for more than a century. The newspaper provides informational support to the development and success of national science and the scientists take an active part in expanding the scientific-educational mission of the newspaper. Aflatun Amashov underlined that recently the long-term cooperation between the two institutions has been continued in more fruitful and colorful forms. The leadership of ANAS, the scientific institutions, and in general the scientific community express their authoritative position in “Xalq qəzeti” regarding the strengthening of statehood and the realization of national priorities. Recently scientists have provided necessary creative support to the newspaper in preparation of the periodical sections of the newspaper as “Western Azerbaijan”, “Southern Azerbaijan”, and “Turan World”, in detailed disclosure of national idea concepts and in studying national objectives and historical achievements from a scientific point of view.

President of ANAS Isa Habibbeyli said that half a century ago he participated in a creative competition of the newspaper, his article named “Arpa çayı daşa bilməz” (“Arpa River cannot overflow”), was published in the newspaper and took the third place and it inspired the young scientist to cooperate with the newspaper and turned him into one of the authors of the newspapers. Reminding that he was invited to a responsible job in the editorial office of the newspaper, the Academician said that though his deep devotion to science did not let him accept the offer, he always considered himself the author of the newspaper and kept relations with the staff of the office.

The President of ANAS underlined that the “Xalq qəzeti” has recently been updated in terms of form and content and today it differs with its initiative activity among the socio-political publications of the country. He emphasized that abstract propaganda has been replaced by specific and promotional materials and the influence of the newspaper on public opinion has been increased.

The democratic spirit of the “Xalq qəzeti”, based on free media principles and journalist professionalism is accepted well among the intellectuals and lifts the reputation of the newspaper. It was underlined that this year’s 105th jubilee of the newspaper and next year’s 80th jubilee of ANAS will be new themes for fruitful cooperation. The issues on mutual support of reforms continued in the Academy and the update process of the newspaper was discussed at the meeting. It was underlined that this support will have a positive influence on the enrichment of the country in intellectual and informative spheres.

In the end, Academician Isa Habibbeyli presented a multi-volume book “History of Azerbaijan Literature” to the library of the editorial office. The book is published by ANAS with the leadership of the academician Isa Habibbeyli.

Copies of other fundamental publications were also presented at the meeting.

Translator: Reyhan Majidli, Public Relations, Press and Information Department of the Presidium Administration of ANAS

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