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A valuable book about chess
03.04.2018 10:08
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A valuable book about chess

The book was published by the Institute of Manuscripts named after Mohammed Fuzuli of ANAS on the occasion of the death of Vali Valiyev, a teacher of military high school named after J.Nakhchivanski, "Chess is the favorite game for millions of people".

The four-part book provides information on the rich creative content of the chess game, the chess strategy, the tactics of the world's advanced chess players, and the great educational value of chess, which increases the ability to think deeply and analyze the will, build strong willpower, "mind gymnastics."

It should be noted that "Chess is the favorite game of millions" is Vali Valiyev's second book. The author's monograph "Abbasgulu aga Bakikhanov's linguistic activity" was published in 2012.

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