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11.04.2019 09:41
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Archeological researches continues at Giziltepe monument

Archeological researches continues at Giziltepe monument

On March-April 2019, a leading researcher of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of ANAS, Ph.D., assistant professor Mikayil Mustafayev’s Imishli archaeological expedition, continued archaeological research at the Giziltepe monument located in Gizilkend administrative district of Imishli region.

As a result of the researches, it was found out that the monument of Gizitepe was defensive and seriously protected. The two parts of the area, covering more than 5 hectares, are very close to the historical monument, about 17 meters high. The uniqueness and uniqueness of this place are that the castle is completely surrounded by a water basin.

Numerous household items, glass fragments, bone instruments, copper coins were also found on the site, with colorful ornaments, glazed and unloved, as well as handmade work.

Although the material samples found in the first phase of the excavation show that the monument belongs to the Middle Ages, I would like to note that the material of the 1st millennium was also discovered, said expedition head Mikayil Mustafayev.

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