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07.10.2014 00:00
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Within the framework Baku International forum held the “Round table”

Within the framework Baku International forum held the “Round table”

ANAS library and information resources center within the framework Baku International forum held the “Round table” on the subject “Globalization Challenges: between tradition and transformation”. The purpose of the forum is adjustment of dialogue by means of “round tables”. The event was attended by scientists from the United States, Russia, Italy, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Egypt and other countries, the Nobel laureates, international organizations, public and political figures. During discussion of the subject “Orientalism and post-orientalism: new perspective of scientific researches” made a speech Co-Chairmen - academician Isa Habibbayli, Nobel Laureate, Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Peter Arthur Diamond, Chairman of the Executive Board of UNESCOMohammad Sami Amir. Then the subject on “New socio-cultural trends and the search for identity in post-Soviet space” was discussed. Moral and cultural factors of globalization, its influence on formation of identity, form, the principles and tendencies of interaction of cultures were discussed. The meeting of “Round table” proceeded discussion of the following subject “dialogue between the East and the West: transformations of spiritual and cultural life of the East and new paradigms in the conditions of globalization”.

Following the results of a meeting the IV Declaration of the Baku international forum was adopted.

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