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14.01.2016 12:51
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Conference devoted to Shah Tahmasib Safavid held

Conference devoted to Shah Tahmasib Safavid held

On January 12, by joint organization of ANAS Institute of History and secondary school in Yasamal dirstrict N 21 named after Eldar Mammadov, who was martyr on January 20, held conference “Shah Tahmasib Safavid” within the project “Let’s posses our historical figures”.

Project manager director of the aforementioned institute, corresponding member of ANAS Yagub Mahmudov spoke about statehood history, historical figures and emperies existed in history. Azerbaijan has 5 thousand years of statehood history, thus our people established great states of the medieval ages – emperies of Aggoyunlu, Safavids, Afshars, Gajars, he noted.

Informing the conference attendees on Safavid ruler - Shah Tahmasib (1524-1576) Y.Mahmudov stated that, Shah Tahmasib is the son of Shah Ismayil Khatai, founder of 235 years old Safavid Empery. As a result of fruitful internal and foreign policy implemented by Shah Ismayil Khatai, Shah Tahmasib, Shah Abbas and other Safavid rulers, the Safavids has shifted into one of the powerful emperies of Near and Middle East.

Achieving peace in the Safavid-Ottoman wars, Shah Tahmasib refused diplomatic suggestions of European envoys on merging against the Ottoman Empire, was highlighted.

Later on, chairman of organizing committee of the project Araz Shamil, historian-scientists Tofig Najafli, Zabil Bayramli, Dilavar Azimli, deputy head of Yasamal distr. Executive Power Taravat Muradova, representative of Baku city Education Department Firudin Abbasov, director of the secondary school N 21 Jeyhun Bayramli and others reported over the topic.

Note that, conferences within project “Let’s posses our historical figures” have been holding since April 2015. Over the last period, conferences devoted to national leader Heydar Aliyev, Shah Ismayil Safavid, Aga Mahammad shah Gajar and Nadir shah Afshar were organized.

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