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21.06.2017 13:38
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Famous scientist-musicologist Zemfira Safarova is 80th

Famous scientist-musicologist Zemfira Safarova is 80th

ANAS main building held the scientific session devoted to the 80th anniversary of famous scientist-art critic, Honored worker of arts, Honored worker of science, head of the department of the Institute of Architecture and Arts, Academician Zemfira Safarova on June 21.

Opening the event, in which attendend prominent figures of science and culture, representatives of the public, Vice-President of ANAS, Academician Isa Habibbeyli spoke about the unique creativity of the scientist, its valuable contribution to the culture of Azerbaijan. It was noted that, the jubilee has been studying the important and actual problems of musicology of Azerbaijan for more than fifty years. She is the author of more than 250 scientific works, including more than 40 books and monographs.

The Vice-President of ANAS especially stressed the merits of Z. Safarova in the field of research and propaganda of the creativity of Academician Uzeir Hajibeyli. He noted that, an important part of the scientific creativity of the scientist is dedicated to the immortal master Uzeir Hajibeyli. In the monograph "Musical and Aesthetic Views of Uzeir Hajibeyli" published in 1973 in Moscow, she first analyzed the fundamentals of the aesthetic conception of U. Hajibeyli's creativity in musicology in Azerbaijan and came to important scientific and theoretical results.

Having said that Zemfira Safarova, along with scientific and organizational activities, also took an active part in public affairs, Academician I. Habibbeyli said that, the scientist-scientist more than 50 years of scientific and organizational activity associated with the Institute of Architecture and Art of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

She has been a member of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan Composers' Union since 1978, since 2000 - Head of the Department of Musicology and Criticism of the Union, as well as Chairman of the Expert Council on Architecture and Art Studies of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Academician I.Habibbeyli noted that, Z.Safarova's services were highly appreciated by the state and society. So in 1989 she was awarded the honorary titles "Honored Art Worker", in 2006 "Honored Worker of Science", as well as the prestigious award named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli of ANAS, "Humay", "Golden Pen", "Authoritative Representative of the Intellectuals of the People" and etc.

Then the First Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan Vagif Aliyev in his speech highly appreciated the study of Z. Safarova's classical Azerbaijani music in the context of the music of the East.

Then, chairman of the Azerbaijan Composers Union, correspondent member of ANAS Firangiz Alizadeh said that, the studies of Z. Safarova based on ancient and medieval Azerbaijani music are of great importance in studying the history of our musical culture.

Director of the Institute of Architecture and Arts, corresponding member of ANAS Ertigin Salamzadeh, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Academician Govkhar Bakhshaliyeva and others told about the importance of scientific works of one of the leading representatives of art and musicology of Azerbaijan, congratulated the academician on the occasion of the 80th jubilee.

Then the reports were listened.

Z.Safarova, speaking in conclusion, expressed gratitude to the organizers and participants of the event. Jubilee stressed that she will continue with great determination to make every effort in the name of propaganda of Azerbaijani music.

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