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04.06.2015 04:57
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Institute of Botany held researches of biodiversity and climate changes

Institute of Botany held researches of biodiversity and climate changes

“Biodiversity and Climate Changes International laboratory” which co-created by Institute of Ecology, Evolution and Diversity of Frankfurt University (Germany) and ANAS Institute of Botany has been commissioned by director of the latter, corresponding member of ANAS Valida Alizadeh.

Within the current project workshops entitled "Evolution and Climate", "Biodivehas been commissioned rsity Dynamics and Climate," "Adaptation and Climate", "Ecosystem activitiy and climate", "Scenario of global biodiversity by the year of 2100”, "Direct and indirect effects of climate change on biodiversity", "Earth, pasture and forest ecosystems sensitivity to climate change","Models, devices and equipment used for climate change and biodiversity” in last four months led by PhD in agrarian sciences Amrah Mammadov. Workshops were attended by young researchers.

Implementing monitoring in the research areas (Ismayilli, Gakh etc), investigating the scientific directions of the topic, and link via other organizations have been started in accordance the activity of joint international laboratory. In this respect, project attendees, Amrah Mammadov, Khatira Gasimova, Aynura Jafarova and Zhale Denziyeva have been sent to a mission to Ismayilli region due to carry out relevant observations in the posture and forest ecosystem surrounding Lahij district. Mission was realized within "Sustainable land and forest management in the Greater Caucasus landscape” and "Clima East Pilot" international projects over United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Participating in the workshops on topics “Carbon absorption and calculation in woods and pastures" and "Used international methods and technologies", employees had probation over forest management directed to protection of biodiversity, monitoring of pastures, inventorying etc.

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