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Revealed calligraphy patterns of Shah Ismayil Khatai
20.02.2017 15:48
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Revealed calligraphy patterns of Shah Ismayil Khatai

Deputy Director of Science at the Institute of Manuscripts named after M.Fuzuli, Dr. Philology Pasha Karimov acquired colored copies of calligraphy patterns of Shah Ismayil Khatai with the help of Muhammad Huseyni, our fellow living in Germany, which consists of sayings of Hazrat Ali, transcribed by Shah Ismayil with blue and gold ink.

Note that earlier in our country was available only one copy of the page rewritten on colorful sheets and bound labor. Next to Azerbaijan were taken up all 27 pages of work stored in the Bavarian State Library in Munich. According to the note indicated on the work, it is assumed that text was rewritten by Shah Ismail Khatai in 1514.

Under samples of calligraphy, an anonymous author posted translations of Arabic text in Persian. Their writing dates back to the period before the battle of Chaldiran. After the occupation of Tabriz by the Ottoman Emperor Sultan Selim manuscript also was captured and taken away by him in Istanbul. Later, the work was brought to Europe.

Recall that the first information about the storage of the sample calligraphy Shah Ismayil Khatai, entitled "Kalimati-Murtazaviyya" at the Bavarian State Library in Munich has been presented in the book of the Turkish scholar Ismail Hikmat Ertalaya "Divani-turkiyi-Zafar", published in 1965 in Istanbul.

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