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03.03.2020 17:32
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ANAS President met with the head of a well-known publishing house

ANAS President met with the head of a well-known publishing house

President of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev met with the head of the famous Sandro Teti Publishing House (Italy) Sandro Teti and the architect Laura Peretti.

The meeting was also attended by the first vice presidents of ANAS - academician Isa Habibbayli and academician Ibrahim Guliyev.

During the meeting, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev spoke about the historical ties between Azerbaijan and Italy. Recalling the recent visit of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to Italy, the head of the academy said that cooperation between our countries is actively developing in a number of industries, including in the scientific field.

Then Sandro Teti spoke in detail about the activities of Sandro Teti Publishing House. Speaking about the countries of the world in which the products published in the printing institution he runs, as well as the topics, high level and distribution of books, the Italian publisher also spoke about translation activities, which are an important component of the publishing house. He emphasized that the works of foreign authors published here with high professionalism are translated into Italian by translators and are closest to the original language. Presenting for discussion samples of books published by Sandro Teti Publishing House and design versions of books being prepared for publication related to Azerbaijan, a guest from Italy offered his professional services to the ANAS leadership and expressed interest in cooperation.

Academician Ramiz Mehdiyev said that books covering a number of branches of domestic science have been translated into many languages ​​of the world. Highly appreciating the proposals related to Azerbaijan by the head of the Italian publishing house, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev emphasized that in order to expand the propaganda of Russian science in Europe, there is a need to translate a number of works into Italian and disseminate them.

During the meeting of the President of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev with publisher Sandro Teti and architect Laura Peretti, an exchange of views took place in the field of publishing, architecture and landscape design, issues related to the phased translation into Italian of a number of works on history, literature and folklore were discussed Azerbaijan.

A talented publisher presented to the ANAS leadership Eugeny Bertels' monograph “Nizami Ganjavi” and a collection of Italian works by Imadaddin Nasimi, which were published in a printing institution he leads.

A preliminary agreement was reached on the translation into Italian and the publication in the Sandro Teti publishing house of works on the life and work of national leader Heydar Aliyev, the political activities of President Ilham Aliyev, as well as the dastan “Kitabi Dede Gorgud” and samples of centuries-old Azerbaijani literature.

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