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16.05.2024 18:45
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A scientific discussion dedicated to the statehood history of Azerbaijan was held at ANAS

A scientific discussion dedicated to the statehood history of Azerbaijan was held at ANAS

A scientific discussion dedicated to the statehood history of Azerbaijan was held in the Presidium of ANAS with the participation of the officials of the Ministry of Culture of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss the issues of when and in what historical circumstances Atropatene/Adorbaigan was established as well as a series of films on the statehood history of Azerbaijan planned by the Ministry of Culture.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli, President of ANAS, Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic Adil Karimli, Deputy Minister of Culture Farid Jafarov, academician Arif Hashimov, Acting First Vice-President of ANAS, doctor of historical sciences Karim Shukurov, director of the Institute of History and Ethnology of ANAS, Professor Karim Tahirov, director of the Azerbaijan National Library as well as scientists of history participated at the meeting.

Delivering an opening speech Academician Isa Habibbeyli, President of ANAS spoke about the existing cooperation between ANAS and the Ministry of Culture and underlined that several joint projects have been realized with the participation of both sides till today and that ANAS has actively participated in various events of the ministry.

The president of ANAS highly assessed the events held by the Ministry of Culture on the statehood history of Azerbaijan, its creators and traditions as well as the popular science films made by the ministry.

“I think that a series of films to be devoted to Azerbaijan history will serve for further strengthening of our statehood and Azerbaijanism, in the current condition, when the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan is fully restored with the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev. ANAS also must take an active part in this process and contribute to deeply studying our ancient history and informing Azerbaijan society.

Reminding that the meeting has recently been held in the Ministry of Culture on studying Azerbaijan history, academician Isa Habibbeyli said that today’s discussion is a continuation of that meeting and that such kinds of discussions are of great importance for detailed research of national statehood strategy, historical traditions of Azerbaijan statehood and our prominent figures.

The President of ANAS underscored that giving the right and detailed information to our nation regarding our statehood traditions is of great importance, and asked everyone to be responsible in fulfillment of the duty.

Afterwards, Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic Adil Karimli made a speech at the meeting. He said that scientists and specialists play a special role in the development of successful cooperation between the two institutions, and in the promotion of our national values. The minister said that making films on history of Azerbaijan, the attitudes, approaches and analyses of our scientists and intellectuals in script writing is of great importance.

“Implementation of cultural policy based on science and education is the main objective of the cultural strategy of Azerbaijan. We seek support from the sceintists and intellectuals in all our activities basing on our purpose”- the Minister said

He said that there is a great need in carrying out researches on the ancient roots of Azerbaijan history and spreading of the information. The minister said that for this reason, it is useful to make a series of films and demonstrate them abroad. Adil Karimli especially emphasized the role of sceintists and intellectuals in defining of objective truths, uncovering of historical facts and evidences and said that they addressed to the scientific community of Azerbaijan mainly for this reason. 

Later on, doctor of historical sciences Hasan Hasanov reported on when and in what historical circumstances Atropatene was established. He said that the name of the Atropatene country is a phonetic version of the modern Azerbaijan concept.

The reporter spoke about some references from “Azerbaijan History” 7 volume book of Academician Igrar Aliyev: “In this edition, it is said with reference to Strabo that the state called Azerbaijan was established in 321 BC during the collapse of empire of Alexander the Great. This thought was also reflected in previous publications. My researches give me a reason to say the note of Strabo should be evaluated not as the formation of the state called Atropatena, but as the restoration of its independence”.

He also spoke about some historical facts of some well-known historians on the establishment date of “Atropatene” and “Adorbaigan”.

Then doctor of historical sciences, professor, Karim Shukurov, director of the Institute of History and Ethnology of ANAS named after A. A. Bakikhanov reported on the history of ancient period of Azerbaijan. The scientist spoke about the graphic descriptions of historical periods of Azerbaijan, ancient maps and historical sources, and exchanged his views on the historiography of the Atropatene period.

The professor mentioned that studiying of Azerbaijan historiography is one of the important issues in the modern period. He said that at first we should review the history theories and modern concepts and have wide discussions in this direction for a comprehensive study of ancient period of our history. The professor put forward a different version about Atropatene.    

Academician, Naila Valikhanli director of the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan made a speech at the meeting saying that the Institute of History and Ethnology carries serious responsibility in this process.   

“It is necessary to study the historical sources in more detail, scientific literature, especially books of historians that are of serious scientific interest must be used”-she added.

In the end, wide discussions of the scientists’ thoughts and opinions on Atropatene/Adorbaigan state were held and questions were asked. The sides unanimously declared that the Atropatene state is one of the main bases of Azerbaijan's statehood history and this was considered as a positive case.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli said that the discussions with various views and arguments are of great importance from a scientific point of view. He emphasized that the event has been remembered with effective results in terms of forming a common position in making a series of films about our ancient history and taking concrete steps in this direction.

The discussions will be continued in the future as well.        

Translator: Reyhan Majidli, Public Relations, Press and Information Department of the Presidium Administration of ANAS

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