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19.01.2016 10:21
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January 20 is a triumph of national will and freedom

January 20 is a triumph of national will and freedom

ANAS Council o f Young Scientists and Specialists held commemoration event dedicated to the 26th anniversary of January 20 tragedy in the main building of ANAS.

In advance, victims of tragedy were remembered for a minute of silence.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman of the Council, senior lecturer Famin Salmanov stressed that the January 20 is the national awakening day of Azerbaijan people in history. He noted that, the January 20 is a black page in our history; it is not only a tragedy, but also first peak of Azerbaijan’s independence.

This tragedy has been legally estimated by national leader Heydar Aliyev for the first time.

Also were done important works in identifying of responsible people for this tragedy, perpetuating of the January 20 events and delivering to the world community the facts of crimes against of the Azerbaijani people.

Speaking on the topics scientific worker of the Institute of Literature Mehman Hasanov on "Reflection of the January 20 tragedy in literature", scientific worker of the Institute of History Halima Kazimova on "Bloody January and political situation in Azerbaijan in 1980-1990" and Doctor of Law Aykhan Rustamzadeh on "Review of legal aspects of January 20 events" and shared their opinions about chronicles of this bloody incident and the legal and political assessment of this events in Azerbaijan and world. Noted that, valor and courage of the patriot sons of the homeland, who were the victims of this tragedy will be eternally stored in memory of the Azerbaijani people.

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