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22.05.2024 15:30
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ANAS hosted the 100th jubilee of an esteemed figure Ata Tarzibashi

ANAS hosted the 100th jubilee of an esteemed figure Ata Tarzibashi

The international scientific conference titled “Iraqi-Turkmen Folklore and Literature”, devoted to the 100th jubilee of Ata Tarzibashi, an outstanding researcher, kicked off in the Central Scientific Library on May 22, with the joint organization of the Institute of Literature of ANAS named after Nizami Ganjavi, Institute of Folklore and Cultural Association of Kirkuk.

At first, the guests got acquainted with the exhibition dedicated to the Iraqi-Turkmen literature, life and path of prominent scientific researcher Ata Tarzibashi and listened to Azerbaijan and Kirkuk national music.

Delivering an opening speech academician Isa Habibbeyli, President of ANAS, spoke about the literary relations of Iraqi-Turkmen and Azerbaijan and touched upon the common national and moral values and ancient historical roots between the two countries.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli said that National Leader Heydar Aliyev had exceptional contributions to the development of Kirkuk-Azerbaijan relations. He highly assessed the events held in Iraq in 1994, due to the state support, at the initiative of the National Leader regarding the celebration of 500th anniversary of genius Azerbaijan poet Muhammad Fuzuli. He said that this was a practical expression of the attention of National Leader Heydar Aliyev to the development of Iraqi-Kirkuk-Azerbaijan relations and the work of Fuzuli at the state level. 

The Academician underlined that now President Ilham Aliyev pays great attention and supports the development of Azerbaijan-Iraqi-Kirkuk relations. He added that Azerbaijan-Kirkuk relations reached a new stage within Azerbaijan-Iraq relations.

The Academician said that the 530th anniversary of Muhammad Fuzuli was solemnly celebrated in ANAS this year according to the order of the President of Azerbaijan on “Celebration of the 530th anniversary of the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Muhammad Fuzuli” signed on January 25, 2024. The Academician emphasized that the participation of the researchers from Iraq and Kirkuk in that event is clear proof of the transformation of relations into scientific cooperation.

The Academician underlined that the celebration of the 100th jubilee of Ata Tarzibashi, an esteemed scientist, great folklorist, a specialist in literature, a public figure who played an important role in the national self-consciousness and self-assertiveness of Iraqi-Turkmen, in Baku, is a new stage in the development of Azerbaijan-Kirkuk relations. The president of ANAS mentioned that the conference gathered together 100 people from Kirkuk and this was unforgettable event. He reminded that 128 scientific and cultural figures visited Bagdad from Azerbaijan during the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Muhammad Fuzuli by the support of National Leader in 1994.

The academician Isa Habibbeyli said that Ata Tarzibashi who was a spiritual father of Kirkuk Turks was mainly known for his research in literature and folklore, and his services to preserve and study the national heritage of the nation. He devoted his entire life to scientific and cultural growth and national-spiritual development of Iraqi-Turkmen.

Speaking about the research of Ata Tarzibashi on the work of brilliant poet Muhammad Fuzuli, the academician underlined that his works are trusted and precious sources for widely studying Fuzuli’s life and for Azerbaijan folklore and as well as play a role as a guide for our literature.

Today Azerbaijani scientists, studying again the precious works of Muhammad Fuzuli, turn to the books and materials of great researcher Ata Tarzibashi. The President of ANAS also gave information about the works of the Coordinating Council for Iraqi-Turkmen Studies.

He said that the “Elm” publishing house of ANAS released a book devoted to Ata Tarzibashi regarding the 100th anniversary of the great scientist and added that the publication will contribute to highly developing literary relations of Azerbaijan-Kirkuk. The academician underlined that a special edition of the “Dede Korkut” scientific-literary collection, dedicated to 100th anniversary of Ata Tarzibashi, was published by the decision of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS.

The President of ANAS highlighted that the solemn celebration of the jubilee of great researcher Ata Tarzibashi in Azerbaijan will be an important historical event and contribute to our solidarity. Then, the academician presented books to the Kirkuk scientists dedicated to Muhammad Fuzuli.

A well-known Kirkuk poet, researcher-writer, and head of the Cultural Association of Kirkuk Dr. Shamsaddin Kuzachi delivered a speech at the meeting touching upon the great importance of the development of mutual scientific literary relations. He spoke about the significant role of Ata Tarzibashi in the development of Turkic folklore and literature.

Professor Gazanfar Pashayev, senior research associate at the Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi, deputy chairman of the Coordinating Council for Iraqi-Turkmen Studies spoke about the creative contributions and achievements of Ata Tarzibashi, a great literary historian, a scientist in studying Fuzuli, his acquaintance with Ata Tarzibashi and touched upon his works in the field of linguistics.

Academician Mukhtar Kazimoglu-Imanov, director of the Institute of Folklore of ANAS spoke about the research of Ata Tarzibashi on the path of Muhammad Fuzuli and mentioned that well-known scientist Ata Tarzibashi was the most experienced researcher of Kirkuk folklore and due to his long-term activity he could establish Kirkuk folklore studies school.

At the end of the meeting Dr. Shamsaddin Kuzachi, Professor Gazanfar Pashayev, Editor Nejat Kevseroglu, Professor Omar Turkmenoglu made reports regarding Ata Tarzibashi’s research, ideas, creativity and life, thinking, solutions and contributions. 

It should be mentioned that the international scientific conference will last till May 23.  

Translator: Reyhan Majidli, Public Relations, Press and Information Department of the Presidium Administration of ANAS

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