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"Azerbaijan literature of independence period" book released
14.10.2016 09:17
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"Azerbaijan literature of independence period" book released

Institute of Literature named after Nizami of ANAS published a book dedicated to the 25th anniversary of restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan "Azerbaijani literature of independence." Volume book (1890 pages) prepared in two volumes under the direction of Director of the Institute, Academician Isa Habibbeyli, is of monographic character.

The book explored the formation of common features, modern trends in the literature of independence period. The publication devoted essays on creative personalities in literature of independence period. The publication covers 15 chapters, dozens of reviews and portrait essays, over 100 subheadings. The book reveals the new features, the richness and uniqueness of Azerbaijani literature of independence period.

The two-volume offers a great "Preface" - Article scientific editor of the book, the Vice-President of ANAS, Academician Isa Habibbeyli "Nice way to independence and literature of independence." The article described the socio-political and cultural-historical situation form the literature of independence period. It was brought to the attention of a great mission of salvation from destruction of the Azerbaijani people by great leader Heydar Aliyev and his historical role in shaping the literature of the new period. Due to the continuation and development of the President Ilham Aliyev creative mission of the great leader and the presentation of the republic in the context of best contemporary literature the world culture occupies its rightful place. At the same time, the article comprehensively illuminated character, typological features, creative principles and methods, trends and prospects of development of the literature of independence period.

The first volume of the book "Azerbaijani literature of independence in the 1990s" characterizes the period of the independence of literature as the "Literature of the transition period." Such thematic and problematic sections as "Topics and Trends literature of independence", "The road, which began with Bloody January", "Display of the Karabakh war in the literature," "Prose in the 1990s" and other enliven literary and artistic picture era. Socialism, the theme of "repression", historical reality, memoir literature, from realism to modernism, modernity in the works of writers; New ideological and substantive features of the poems of the 1990s, the aesthetic trends, southern poems in the years of independence, literary groups and poetic manifestos, search for a new theatrical aesthetics and other specific points comprehensively reflect the literary process of the 1990s.

The first volume also includes essays about B.Vahabzadeh, H.R.Uluturk, M.Araz, People's writer Anar, Elchin, national poet N.Hasanzadeh, F.Goja, lovers of freedom V.Samadoghlu, Rustamkhanli, Z.Yagub and many others. One of the highlights is that great attention is paid not only to the works of writers who lived in the center, but also in the region.

In the second volume of the book titled " Azerbaijan literature of independence period" tells about the literature of the modern period, which found its full expression on the basis of independence, beginning with the XXI century.

Modern Azerbaijan literature, based on full pluralism, free choice of creativity, many-shaped, in the new edition is considered primarily in terms of genres, ideological and thematic diversity and poetic. In the modern literature of Azerbaijan, along with realism are manifested magical realism, existentialism, decadence and modernism, post-modernism and the avant-garde, which separately considered in the book. In some sections considered and presented the children's literature of independence period and literary criticism, the modern theory, the global integration of Azerbaijan literature, etc.

The book "Azerbaijan literature of independence period"along with survey sketches reflected portrait essays, devoted more than fifty writers and poets. In the second volume essays, devoted to Hidayat, Kamal Abdulla, Agil Abbas, Movlud Suleymanli and others, allow you to track the literary figures of the period of independence. The two-volume "Azerbaijan literature of independence period" was prepared in the Department with thee same name of the Institute of Literature by the active participation of staff from other departments. Over the the book, as a whole, have worked 45 authors. Scientific editor of the book is Academician Isa Habibbeyli, executive editor of Doctor of Philology Tehran Alishanogly.

At the ceremony dedicated to 70th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev has recommended to national scientists to write a book dedicated to the 25th anniversary of state independence of Azerbaijan.

The book "Azerbaijani literature of independence period" prepared in response to the call of the President is an anniversary gift of the Institute of Literature literary and cultural community, and the same time the scientific report for the 25th anniversary of our independent statehood.

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