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Guliyev Abasgulu Mamed oglu
Place of Birth Razdan, Shaumyan region, Armenian SSR 
Date of Birth 13.11.1940 
Education Azerbaijan State University, chemistry 
Scientific degree Doctor of chemistrical sciences
Title Professor 
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Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Investigations in the field of synthesis and polymerization of some alkenyl cyclopropanes

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02.00.06 and 02.00.03

Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Organic chemistry Vinylyclopropanes in the reactions of addition, telomerization and polymerization

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26 April, 2007

Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

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Certificates of authorship and number of patents 66 
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Basic scientific achievements – The chemistry of carbenes and cyclopropanes has been developed.

– A number of derivatives of vinyl cyclopropanes has been synthesized and the mechanism of their polymerization has been studied, the functional polymers of special purpose have been developed.

– The general principles of preparation of new carbo- and heterochain polymers used in microelectronics as the high-sensitive photo- and electron-resists have been created.

– The scientific bases of functionalization of polyolefins have been developed and the composition materials, including nanocomposites have been created.

Names of scientific works

1. Синтез и полимеризация винилциклопропанов.

2. Изомеризационный механизм свободнорадикальной полимеризации винилциклопропанов.

3. Влияние структуры на реакционную способность циклопропан содержащих виниловых мономеров.

4. Разработка алифатических полисульфонов и применение их в литографических процессах.

5. Сополимеризация как метод получения функциональных полимеров.

6. Функционализация полиолефинов в условиях их переработки и получение графт полимеров.

7. Модификация полимеров и получение композиционных материалов.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. Member of Scientific Council of the Institute of Polymer Materials.

2. Member of Editorial Board of Azerb.Chem.Journal

3. Member of Council of Experts of HAC on chemistry under the President of Azerbaijan Republic.

4. Chairman pf Problem Council on “Chemistry of highmolecular compounds”

Pedagogical activity Professor of chair of Sumgait State University
Other activities  
Awards and prizes 1. Honoured Science Worker
2. Honorary diploma
Place of work and its address Institute of Polymer Materials of ANAS, 124, S.Vurgun Str., Sumgait, Azerbaijan 
Position Head of laboratory “Functional polymers”
Office phone (+994 18) 6425875
Mobil (+994 50) 3368793
Home phone (+994 18) 6552474
Fax (+994 18) 6420400