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Akhundov Tufan Isaak oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Baku
Date of birth 26.11.1948
Education Azerbaijan Institute of Building Engineers
Scientific degree Doctor of archaeology

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Historical topography of settlement and the system of settling in North-eastern Azerbaijan /the middle of the III mln. B.C.- the middle of the I mln. of our era/

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North-western Azerbaijan in the epoch of Eneoliths and Bronze age

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Basic scientific achievements 1.The determination of the new direction in the archaeology of Azerbaijan which is based on the comparison of the dynamics of development of society and regularities of development of environment that will give the possibility to prognosis the existence of monuments.

2. The determination of archaeological epochs in north-western Azerbaijan.

3. Distinguishing and basing of new archaeological tradition of Bronze age in the South Caucasus.

4. The discovery of the ancient metallurgical sources in the Caucasus.
Names of scientific works

1. Древнейшие курганы Южного Кавказа. Баку - 1999

2. Северо-Восточный Азербайджан в эпоху энеолита и бронзы. Баку-2001

3. Лейлатепе. Баку-2007

4.Южный Кавказ в кавказско-переднеазиат- ских  этнокультурных процессах. Баку-2008

5. Astarada 20 gün. Баку-2009

6. Историческая топография поселений и система расселения Северо-Восточного Кавказа. Баку- 2009

7. У истоков Кавказской цивилизации: Шомутепе. Баку, 2013

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations The member of editorial board of international volume “Caucasus investigations” at The institute of Caucasiology at Tbilisi State University, Georgia Republic.
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ANAS, Institute of Archaeology and Etnography, AZ1073, Baku. H. Javid pr. 115 

Position Leading scientific researcher
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Mobile (+994 50) 5378977
Home phone (+994 12) 5690822