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Experience-Industrial Plant


Address AZ1032, Baku, Khatai, Ahmadli, 622 
Phone (+994 12) 3709634 
Fax (+994 12) 3709635 


Vasif Bilal oglu Abbasov

(+994 12) 3760211

Deputy directors

Sakhavat Tabriz oglu Rustamov

Tel .: (+994 12) 3765648

Establishment history Created on the basis of the Ahmadly experimental base of the Institute of Petrochemical Processes under order of Azerbaijani SSR Council of Ministers No. 203 dated 24.05.1974 and the order of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan SSR dated 07.06.1974.
Basic activity directions  Establishment of direct links between science and industry, bringing new innovative processes at the experimental, pilot-industrial scale, development, production and sale of a wide experimental batches of petrochemical and technical-oriented products.
Main scientific achievements  Made extensive scientific and technical contacts with more than 20 scientific and educational institutions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and CIS countries, signed agreements on co-operation, set up numerous pilot, pilot, pilot-scale installations and sites, including developed new technology introduced at the large industrial of enterprises. The scientific achievements are written on numerous research papers and obtained patents. Along with the scientific and experimental work in the factory organized the production and sale of products that have a need, but do not let in the profile of companies, namely. Here include: M-16V2, the M-14V2, the M-10G2, Nigrol, soybean oil, compressor oil KC-19 etc. As a result of studies carried out at the Plant has been acquired a new generation complex grease, based on sulfonated vegetable oil, through a technology that have no analogues in the world. According to its key dimensions this grease dominates its analogues (grease, litol-24, LZ-CRI, CIATIM-201, graphite grease, etc.). In addition, Plant is engaged in production of super plasticizers, inhibitors, emulsion breakers, paint and varnish materials, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and others.
Total number of employees  
Structural subdivisions

Department of Accounting and Economic Analysis

Department of Law and Human Resources

Production and Technology Department

Marketing Department

Factory Scientific Research Laboratory

Repair, Construction and Service Site

Boiler House Site

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


Suleyman Suleymanov

Roman Blokhin

Orkhan Farrukhzade

Jamil Agayev

Fikret Suleymanov

Nahid Huseynov

Orkhan Sharifzadeh

Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members


Sakhavat Rustamov

Rena Hashimova

Mehri Nazarli

PR responsible person Suleymanov Suleyman Raxman oglu  
Doctors of sciences