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Institute of Natural Resources


Address AZ7000, Nakhchivan city, Heydar Aliev avenue, 35 
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Aliyev Tofig Abbasali oglu

Deputy directors Rzaev Bayram Zulfugar oglu

Doctor of Chemical sciences

Office phone: (+994 36) 5446981

Mobile phone: (+994 70) 9735549

Ilyas Adalat oglu Khalilov

Office phone: (+994 36) 5446997

Scientific secretary

Ahmad Mammad oglu Garayev

Doctor of Philology in Chemistry, Associate professor

Office phone: (+994 36) 5446982

Mobile phone: (+994 55) 9145454


Establishment history 07.08.2002 
Basic activity directions  Geological, chemical, physical investigation, study of hidrogeological and landscape environment, seismological researches, investigation of positional validities of the socio-economical infrastructures. Preparation of the scientific, economical basis of the complex processing of natural resources, study of the geographical position and potential energy sources of the region.
Main scientific achievements 

On the basis of local raw material PbSO4 was gained by oxidizing the lead concentrate with H2O2 , was soluted with NaCl solution and made aqua-solution with 98,5% reduction. So the PbSO4.NaCl complex was reduced with NaBH4 the metal lead was gained with purity degree of 98,9. In water and organic environments in the reactions among AgNO3 with Na3AsS3 and NaAsS2, Ag3AsS3 and AgAsS2 combination were gained, the individuality of the combination was proved via RFA method. Melting temperatures were calculated via DTA (4950C and 4270C). Modification temperatures were calculated of the combination of Ag3AsS3 and AgAsS2.. Ag3AsS3 melts congruently and AgAsS2 melts incongruently. It means in 3230C breaks on peritectic reaction and Ag3AsS3+As2S3 is formed. Analogically Cu3AsS3 and CuAsS2 combinations were also gained and their melting and polymorph changing temperatures, also their densities were determined. The chemical and polymorph analyses of Daridagh arsen and antimony ores were made, arsen and antimony sulfides were defined to be above 50%. During their solution sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide it turned out that the size of the cells are 0,12-0,105mm, temperature 353-363K, if the length of the process is 20-25 minutes solution of arsen sulfide is 95,5%, antimony sulfide is 97,5%. In the gained concentrate number of As2S3 is 98,75%, but antimony sulfide is 99,50%. The formation circumstance of In2Se3 combination was studied, physical-chemical parameters were defined.

For the first time carried out physic-chemical studies of natural zeolite of Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan zeolite was investigated by X-ray (2D PHASER «Bruker» (Cu, Kα, 2θ, 20-80 degrees)), derivatoqrafic (Pyrometer NTR-70 Termoskan-2, in an inert atmosphere), IR-spectroscopy (Nicolete IS-10), elemental (Oxford Science) and microstructural (Hitachi-3000) analysis methods. It was established that in the Autonomous Republic of mordenite content in the rock varies in the range of 58-72%. It confirmed that the natural zeolite Nakhchivan consists essentially of mordenite. For the first time investigated Nakhchivan natural zeolite framework density, "normalized" volume chassis, "normalized" the amount of the compound, silicate volume, index of silicon, degree of crystallinity and particle size distribution. It was found that the natural zeolite is stable up to 9600C temperature. Raising the temperature results in the destruction of zeolite structure and transformation into mineral anorthite. The stability of natural zeolite to aggressive environments (sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid). It is found that the natural zeolite is resistant to aggressive environment. The acid concentration at 5 N the structure of natural zeolite is destroyed. The investigated of chemical modification of natural zeolite. It is found that in the process of chemical modification are obtained by practically important zeolites with different structures. The studied ion-exchange properties and the process of dehydration of natural zeolite.

E-crisis energy marks were determined via “Graphicalanalysis” program from the dependency estimated for the real and imaginary parts of complex dielectric function according to spectroscopic ellipsometry calculations for PbS taint. Transformation of CdS taint via chemical settling process to CdTe through ion exchange from the electrolyte solution. The critical point of PbS taints were determined from ellipsometric measurements.

Regulation remain of CdTe and CdS components according to the problem of heterotrnasition via fusing the Te film gained and partial or fully in NaBH4 transferred through EDTA (Trilon B) of CdTe film in CdS/CdTe heterotransition gained as the result of transformation process were researched and solved. Investigation of the Sun and wind energy devices in Julfa and Shahbuz districts having composite geographical position continued, determination works of the places of the Sun and wind energy apparatuses were fulfilled. According to researches each of Shahbuz and Julfa districts were defined to have different micro elements and the solution issues of the future ecological problems in these districts were studied. Depending on the landscape and geographical features of these districts that consist of mountains and hills, formation of definite peculiar environment in these territories was observed.

The problems of socio-economic development of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic were investigated, ways of incrementing the endowing potential of the people aright use of manpower were analyzed. The durable development of the directions in space structure of the Autonomous Republic was available as the stimulating mechanism’ became operative. Strengthening the infrastructure potential, being intensive of technical aids and subventions to the producers, increase of mezoeconomical potential, realizing the measurements preventing the loss of product and time in time and so on mainly in the rural mountainous villages not only were important supports to the economic development, but also it stimulated the increase of employment level in economy.

The correlation among the numbers of the mineral components in the waters depending on highness was revealed in the result of comparative analyze of physical-chemical features of the water sources studied over Babek district.

Total number of employees 48 
Structural subdivisions

Laboratory of chemistry and technology of mineral ores

Laboratory of Sorptional processes

Laboratory of Physical investigations

Laboratory of Hidrogeology and Mineral waters 

Laboratory of  Geoecology and Seismology

Department of Seismological service 

Department of  geography

Department of economics

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Tofig Abbasali oglu Aliyev

Ahmad Mammad oglu Garayev

Bayram Zulfugar oglu Rzayev

Mammad Huseynali oglu Huseynaliyev

Gorkmaz Mansur oglu Huseynov

Gunel Aslan gizi Mammadova

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